Friday, 15 May 2009

Eight Pointless Things

It's been amusing seeing these posts popping up today, but now it seems I've been tagged by my slimy NaCl-phobic friend, so here are my eight.

1) The swivel chair I am sitting on squeaks.
2) I won two editions of '100%' on Channel 5 in 1997.
3) The constituent parts of a £300 metal garden shed kit have lain in my loft for 3 years.
4) On average, I drink 2 cups of tea per year.
5) I once stood five feet away from Siouxsie Sioux at a Japan concert.
6) When war was declared in the Falklands, I was on a school cruise ship which was subsequently requisitioned for the task force.
7) People who stop in doorways intensely irritate me.
8) I am currently nervous about tomorrow.

Let's see what happens if I tag Sue, The Pub Curmudgeon, Mark Wadsworth and Captain Ranty.


Unknown said...

You were at school when war was declared on the Falklands?

All of a sudden, I feel so old...

Captain Ranty said...

Right, you toad.

It is done.

Pop over to my place and be bored witless.

You'll rue the day Dicky boy....

Dick Puddlecote said...

Why have loads of flies swarmed round my arse all of a sudden?

Oh, I see now.


Captain Ranty said...

You got flies?

I sent fleas....

Little bastards. Can't trust 'em to obey a simple directive.