Tuesday 19 March 2013

Blu Movies

Movie expert Kristy Puchko has done some quality photo-shopping to show what iconic movies would be like if tobacco was replaced with e-cigs.
Pics Prove Movies Would Be Really Lame With E-Cigarettes 
We know smoking is lame. Like, *we know.* It’s a terrible habit, and it causes cancer, and on an on. But can you imagine how some of your favorite onscreen smokers would look if they went for the (somewhat) healthier option of getting their nicotine via e-cigarette?
There are more than the examples above in her article, so do go look and see what you think.

Now, I like e-cigs but her point is a valid one. There is a certain photogenic calmness and panache conveyed by the casual smoke of a cigarette ... which is why psycho anti-tobacco obsessives hate these scenes so very much and want them banned.

But then, we are living in different times where devil-may-care and smoulderingly dangerous are often shunned in favour of blandness and can't-be-too-careful. So who's to say that the future will not provide equally striking scenes, but with curling, twisting vapour rather than smoke? There's certainly something so very satisfying about watching heart-throb Johnny Depp vaping directly beneath a no smoking sign, doncha think?

However, particularly interesting for me was to note that all Puchko's pictures featured the Blu e-cig brand, recently purchased by major tobacco company Lorillard. On this evidence it could be that their increased marketing and high-profile advertising may have taken Blu e-cigs to new levels of recognition, even perhaps placing them as the perceived market leader in the US.

High fives for big tobacco, then. Money very well spent, much to the chagrin of at least one odious ex-smoker I reckon.

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RooBeeDoo said...

Not e-cigs but on similar lines. The last picture round on 'University Challenge' last night was to name the 20th century writer in the photo. All three authors were smoking cigarettes or pipe, full plume, heads wreathed of smoke. Good, respected, award-winning writers all. The answering team got one out of three correct - says it all really.

Sam Duncan said...

They're all pretty poorly 'shopped, which is bound to make them look worse. No, I don't see that e-cigs would look any worse than the real thing. Well, not much. It's certainly true that your real devil-may-care type wouldn't give a damn about the dangers of tobacco in the first place, so in that sense they're simply out of character for a lot of them. But I think some of those photos, allowing for the dodgy cut-and-paste, work perfectly well.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

For someone who never got my head round shop, they looked OK. Depp looked pretty cool, IMO.