Monday 28 July 2014

Stop! By Order Of The Council

I thought you might be interested in some classic slippery slope opportunism from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

Now, I've mentioned before that the government's plan to ban smoking in cars  - you know, that's the Conservative-led government which came to power in 2010 promising to roll back our liberties and challenge the nanny state - carries very sinister precedents that anyone interested in freedom should abhor.

Well, here is something else which proves that - whatever your view of the policy is - it's quite clearly a gateway to further power grabs by state-paid empire builders.
Local authorities may assist police in dealing with offences under a proposed ban on smoking in cars with children present, it has been proposed.
The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) said it “anticipates that local authorities will also want to authorise some of their own officers so that they can take part in campaigns to promote compliance and deal with offences when information and advice fail to have effect”. 
In its response to the consultation announcement, the CIEH noted that “dealing with offences under this legislation will not be without problems”. 
It “supports the government’s intention that enforcement will mainly be the responsibility of local police who will be able to use their existing powers to stop vehicles and require drivers and passengers to identify themselves”.
"Mainly", eh? Of course, it is only the police who are currently allowed to stop vehicles and require drivers to identify themselves. The CIEH looks very much like they are angling here to be afforded the same powers.

We are always told that the police are given that level of power due to the unique lengthy training that they are obliged to undertake. The same can never be true about local councils and their employees. Just think of the people you know who work for your local council - yes, we all know at least one - and think about how very unqualified for this level of power they are. Scary, huh?

How times change, eh?
And the CIEH goes further too.
[Principal policy officer, Ian Gray, said:] “The CIEH has previously stated that smoking should be considered to be a ‘driver distraction’ as is eating or drinking at the wheel or using a mobile phone, and that an additional measure for government to consider would be a total prohibition on drivers smoking in any motor vehicle on the grounds that smoking constitutes a hazard to safe driving.”
See, that didn't take long, did it? By crikey, the ink has barely dried on the consultation wording and they're already lobbying for an extension to it. Because, as I've also pointed out before, this is just another case where children are being used as a smokescreen. It has always been the plan to ban smoking in all vehicles, this charade is just the initial vital step to con the public into giving up domain over our own private property.

Next stop, your home. And good luck with the local environmental health officer demanding entry to your property to have a look around what you keep in your fridge, eh?

The smoking ban for cars consultation is here and open till August 27th. Perhaps we should have a bash at it.


SadButMadLad said...

The CIEH are just a vehicle for extremists to spout their views and make it look legitimate.

The CIEH also produced a report on fracking but for some reason did not mention that the key author, Gwen Harrison, was from Greenpeace and a Green Party member. Greenpeace and the Greens always call for transparency in the groups they attack but for some reason did not do so in this case. I usually attribute such failure to cockup but that they haven't corrected it or acknowledged it means that it's not a cockup but a deliberate ploy.

Bucko said...

I've already had a crack at the consultation. It's very one sided, supporting a foregone conclusion and is only looking for reasons why the ban is right.

Zillatron said...

Well, as always: "It's for The Good Cause!"
Just "Think of The Children!"
Ah, well, it's ideological warfare. Truth, Science and Common Sense are collateral damage. The end justifies the mean means.

You have a different opinion?
You must be paid by "THE ENEMY".
You will be the next collateral damage ...

nisakiman said...

Heh! I'd like to see those miserablist jobsworths try to push that one through here! The words chance, snowflake and hell come to mind.

The default position for bus drivers here with a full complement of passengers is fag hanging out of mouth, mobile glued to one ear, meanwhile negotiating twisty hillside roads with one hand on the wheel.

I often see them on the road when I'm out and about, and I invariably smile inwardly, thinking of the ANTZ that might be on the (non-smoking) bus, smelling the smoke from the driver, and seeing him chatting merrily away on his mobile.

I love the quietly anarchic attitude to rules and regulations here. It is just so refreshing after the drone-like obedience of the Brits. And as much of a pleasure is the realisation that despite (or maybe because of?) the somewhat ambivalent attitude to arbitrary bans / restrictions / regulations handed down from above, we actually enjoy what I believe is the lowest crime rate in Europe (I haven't checked, but if it isn't the lowest, it's almost the lowest). I have no security on my house, and in summer I leave all the windows open when I go out. I never lock my car or van, and very often there is a fortune in power tools in the back.

In short, moronic rules and regulations do not an honest society make.

Chris Hogan said...

"Bloody little Hitler" is a phrase insufficiently used in this day and age.

I move that henceforth that the CIEH be renamed the Enviromental Institute of Chartered Health and its staff referred to as 'EICHmans'.

Frank J said...

"Bloody little Hitler" is a phrase insufficiently used in this day and age."

Or as they were called by Margot in the 'Good life' back in the 70's "Would be Commissars"

Never lose an opportunity, do they.

One crying in the wilderness said...

Be honest,the car drivers will do NOTHING,the smokers will do NOTHING,nobody will do ANYTHING,next year we will still be warbling like stunted budgies about the next clamp down on Liberty
On Sunday we remember (a few of us) the start of the World War 1 a war in which a milion were butchered for our our way of life,our liberty,our choices,
our follies and our habits. What now with this generation of appeasers
weaklings,clockwork mutants ,wine sipping halfmen,central heated clicking androids and double glazed pansies.
Even the most noble of the opposition vanish down grids when there is mention of kicking and screaming,all content to carry on merrily chirping on the fibre optic ghost train to nowhere.
If only we had but a few hundred of those who lit their Woodbines on the Somme,,,,,,if only.

Banshee said...

what's this music that intrudes when I scroll down ? But only when the page is enlarged. I haven't read a complete post for several days now and this is one of my favourite blogs

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I can only assume it's the embedded video on the 24th July post which I see has an autoplay on it. I hadn't noticed as I generally have my speakers off. It'll drop off the page in time, I just paused it and it stopped or you can read just the one article by clicking on the title which removes it. HTH. :)

truckerlyn said...

Ban smoking in cars and see what happens! The same as happened in the first few months of the smoking ban regarding truck drivers - many more accidents involving trucks. The drivers soon went back to smoking.

Believe me, when you are on a long, long, boring road, such as a motorway in the early hours of the morning with scarcely any other traffic, that soporific effect takes over and those of us who smoke use our cigs to alleviate the effect and to keep us more alert.

Just like 20mph speed limits, bring in the ban and watch the accident rates go up! And, don't forget the road rage, as a smoker denied his smoke can get very stressed!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I've changed the settings so it doesn't intrude for a while. ;)

Tony said...

Fantastic use of the Cartman picture!!!

ehethcigra said...

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Chris Sorochin said...

I once saw a survey in one of those little scholastic papers we give our English students to practice with. It asked drivers about distractions. "Smoking" was there and it got a whopping "0%", far behind things like "talking to passengers" or "adjusting the radio". I guess they're going to have to ban passengers and radios, too?

truckerlyn said...

Especially the kids! What is more distracting than kids arguing and fighting in the back of the car?

truckerlyn said...

Just to add - if/when this comes in, THEY will make smoking in cars more dangerous because drivers will attempt to smoke subversively, which means hiding their cigs and watching out for BIG BROTHER! Plus, more modern cars don't seem to have ashtrays! Now where do I put my change for the car park? :)

moonrakin said...

I've been known to bang on about this - but people ... pay attention!

There are plans already being implemented to converge local councils and the police. Oh yeah - they are - it's already happening in Wiltshire and Avon & Somerset (Police stations closed and plod moving into council offices).

There's already talk of putting PCSOs under the council and we've all heard about private security goons employed by councils causing havoc in parks etcetera. It does not take much imagination to figure where this might (will?) end up....

There is a perfect storm in the offing

Oh yeah - those radios in police cars - they're still perfectly legal to use - as are taxi radios and IIRC CB radios - driver distraction ... what's sauce for etc...

truckerlyn said...

'those radios in police cars - they're still perfectly legal to use - as are taxi radios and IIRC CB radios - driver distraction ... what's sauce for etc...'

And they are not Hands Free either!

As for police stations moving into council offices - the one in Pershore Worestershire did just that last year, or it might even be the year before! They also only work 9 to 5, unless Chunter wants some overtime and to play with his little speed camera!

moonrakin said...

Aye .... the worrying thing to what's left of my mind is the predilection of rather too many council officials for making it up as they go and natty uniforms - the Hugo Boss tailored black two piece with silver lightning flashes on the lapels being one design some would love to get into....

But seriously - the council with their own enforcers - making the rules as they go... and choosing which laws to enforce - and fining us peons for "made up sh1t" when they've overspent.... - even more than they do at the moment.

ehethcigra said...

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