Saturday, 30 May 2015

Link Tank 30/5

Governments continue to get sillier.

The government just banned everything

The hoax that exposed the addiction to junk science

Sex workers rights are not up for debate

The risks of lifting the minimum wage

F1 President refuses to ban alcohol sponsorship

Bans on tobacco marketing enhance Marlboro's value

California orders porn actors to wear protective goggles during shoots

Satirical Oregon man asks city to ban fart smells

Meet the man who paints with beer (pic)

How to make McDonald's fries at home

Pet crocodiles


nisakiman said...

Well when the government (who just banned everything) decide to go on tour with Tobacco Control to preach their message, I found the perfect company to take them:

nisakiman said...

Further to the above post, I notice from the article that:

"Substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, food and
medical products, would be excluded from the scope of the offence, as
would controlled drugs, which would continue to be regulated by the
Misuse of Drugs Act 1971."

Does that mean that e-liquid, not being tobacco or medical product, would fall under this ruling?

As an aside, is there a secret to being able to view comments on the site? Does one have to be 'approved' or something? When I hover over the 'comments' thing at the bottom of the article, I get nothing, and no amount of frantic clicking seems to help.