Thursday 20 August 2015

A Bad Day For Anti-Smoking Bigots

I'm sure you couldn't have missed yesterday's news about Public Health England's report on e-cigs, it was quite prominent on the front pages of some papers and received blanket coverage across the BBC.

The report was very bad news for tobacco control's scattered e-cig denialists because it effectively debunked every one of their desperate imaginary reasons why vaping should be restricted. No threat from passive vaping, no adverse health effects for users, no renormalisation of smoking and no gateway effect for children. If this was a chess game, it was the equivalent of taking the denialists' Queen, checkmating their King and then setting fire to all their other pieces, they have literally nothing left.

Well, apart from lying, of course.

Incredibly, this guy Capewell - who is a top official in the Faculty of Public Health no less - decided that an obscure eight month old study from Japan trumps a meta-analysis from the government's chosen health body! What's more, he believes the obscure study over and above his own colleagues despite the extreme formaledhyde claims it contained having been debunked as utter garbage. It was such a misleading claim that even the Daily Mail apologised for publishing it!

Meanwhile, wobbly wibbling e-cig hater Martin McKee was retweeting the very same junk claim.

Remember that these people are supposed to be public health professionals dealing in 'evidence-based policy'. No, really!

The reason for their gnashing of teeth and quite pathetic straw-clutching becomes evident with this tweet from McKee.

You see, they despise smokers so it's not enough that you quit smoking - you have to also suffer while doing so and there must be some element of force to aid the egos of these dreadful anti-smoking bigots. Taxes to bully you into quitting are fine, but enjoy the experience of quitting using e-cigs? Nope, that's unacceptable.

And if you want a prime example of how incredibly vile, power-crazy, and fascistic the anti-smoking crusade has become, check out this jaw-dropper from this morning.

Read it twice if you're unsure you'd read it correctly first time, I'd quite understand. Yes, they are actually conceding that e-cigs are a great tool to help smokers who want to quit, but still demanding government deny property and business owners the choice of whether to allow their use or not. We're a long way down the road from the 'protecting bar staff' lie now aren't we?

It's like watching a boxer having had his brain pirouetted in his head but stilll flailing around and thinking he's in the fight, it's time these truth-avoiding anti-smoking dinosaurs were counted out. I'd pity them if they weren't so contemptuous, evil and deserving of jail time.

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