Friday 22 January 2016

Crazy Of The Week

As part of a not-even-occasional series, the impromptu Crazy of the Week award goes to ... {drum roll} ... Dr. Michael F. Pesko of Cornell University!

Via the Cornell Chronicle:
Flavor variety is an important component in young smokers’ decisions to switch to e-cigarettes, new research from Weill Cornell Medicine indicates. 
That's a good thing, right? Smokers switching to far safer e-cigs, I mean. Well, apparently not, according to Dr Mick.
The study, published Jan. 20 in Addiction, found that young adult smokers were significantly more likely than adult smokers ages 25 and older to choose e-cigarettes available in an array of flavors. Currently, there are no prohibitions on e-cigarette flavors, which include fruit, candy and dessert – additives that may be especially appealing to teens. Limiting flavors, therefore, may be an effective way to prevent young smokers from becoming “vapers,” while not significantly reducing the use of e-cigarettes among adults trying to quit smoking, suggested lead author Dr. Michael F. Pesko.
Yes, it seems he - a doctor, so be slightly afraid - actually wants to stop young smokers switching to vaping instead! Now, I've seen some ignorant choddery about vaping in my time but that takes the entire biscuit factory.

E-cigs, don't you just love 'em, eh? Exposing stupidity and vacuous 'public health' groupthink for a decade and counting.

H/T Deputy Chief Jewel Robber Sarah

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