Friday 1 April 2016

Nothing To See Here

Yesterday, I'd just finished telling a member of my staff who smokes but is interested in switching to ecigs that there are only 4 ingredients in e-liquid, and that nobody has ever died from vaping, when I came across this article from Australia.
Toy town ‘stereotypes’ spur plain-packaging call
Children’s toys should be subject to plain-packaging laws similar to cigarettes, an inter­national women’s group says. 
“Sexualisation of young children through products, dress, toys and cosmetics reinforces that girls should be sexy, submissive, and boys should be dominant, macho, important and strong,” it says. “These products reinforce boys to grow to males that can be powerful and strong, and that girls need to be attractive and submissive to males. (We) suggest making a campaign like the successful plain packaging of cigarettes.”
That can't be right, surely, cos tobacco controllers said it wouldn't happen. Fact!
FACT: Tobacco is not like any other product, it is the only legal consumer product on the market which is lethal when used as intended. That is why the UK and over 170 other governments have signed up to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which places legal obligations on governments to strictly regulate tobacco products. Plain packs for tobacco will not therefore set a precedent for other consumer products.
Deborah Arnott said the same, remember?
[T]he “domino theory” i.e. that once a measure has been applied to tobacco it will be applied to other products is patently false.
So we're obviously seeing things.

Nope, no precedent at all, there can't possibly be calls for plain packaging of toys, because that would be following a precedent, now wouldn't it?

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