Monday 26 September 2016

Hide The Filthy Smoker

Here we go again, 'public health' using children to mask their disgusting ongoing efforts to bully law-abiding smokers who choose to use a legal product where no-one can be harmed.

Many others have registered their disgust at this already, but it is worth adding my own thoughts because this kind of evil needs kicking very hard.
Smoking should be banned in all parks and playgrounds to reduce the chances of children growing up thinking that using cigarettes is normal, environmental health officers have told ministers. 
Zoos, theme parks and anywhere else children play should also become no-smoking zones, in a significant proposed expansion of the outdoor areas in which smokers cannot light up.
They are not even hinting at the possibility of harm now (simply because there can be none), as succinctly put by Sarah at the NNA.
The reasoning behind, and the issues with these proposed 'voluntary' bans is the same. The intention is to 'denormalise' smoking, which in practice means telling the public that a) smoking in kiddie areas is a widespread problem and b) it's harming your kids. It isn't and it doesn't.
Precisely. It is pure, distilled, vile, anti-social, stoking of hatred towards smokers. There is no other plan.

And the only outcome from such a sickening policy will be the encouragement of hostility and hatred towards smokers. If you have ever wondered - as millions of us have - how entire populations were turned into being supportive of the barbaric murder of sections of society in times past, just look on 'public health' in the UK in the 21st century. There is your answer.

That such stomach-churning cunts live amongst us and are paid a fat salary to come up with perverted and totalitarian shit like this should be a national disgrace. But then, if you've spent your life brutalising smokers so much that you find statements like this acceptable, you're probably so mired in the sewer that you and your colleagues have created that you can't see the decent people you are vilely harming through the effluence you spend your time wallowing in.
"Children should be able to have fun and enjoy themselves without seeing someone smoking and thinking this is normal behaviour", [said Anne Godfrey, the CIEH chief executive].
Firstly, it is normal behaviour. Secondly, Anne you hideous fuck, are you seriously saying that smokers are to be hidden from society? That they are too X-rated for children to see? Do you not realise how mind-bogglingly evil that is? Just because you want a new conservatory and have to come up with the odd policy to impress at your next appraisal?

I've been writing about these shameful wastes of DNA for nearly eight years now but they never cease to amaze me. Their inhumanity is absolutely stunning!

And then there is Jim McManus, a director of 'public health' who has made a few nice noises about e-cigs. But it appears it's more due to his psychotic hatred of smokers than genuine care for human beings.

He sees e-cigs not as a way that smokers can continue to enjoy nicotine in a safer form, but more as a stick to beat smokers with and force them to bow to his will.

So, apparently, an acceptable way of 'encouraging' smokers to switch from tobacco to vape is by giving the public a green light to abuse them in public. Because that is a (no doubt intentional) by-product of such insane policies. It is nothing short of incitement to abuse and even possibly violence.

I despair at the kind of mentality that would ever imagine such a despicable proposal to be a good idea. It's times like today when I pray that hell does exist, because these people are rotten to the core and that's exactly where they deserve, one day, to spend their eternity.

I'll leave the last word to Snowdon, because it is perfect.
Crawl back under your rock and take the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health with you.

See also excellent articles from vapers on the same subject. McManus, you're an arse.

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