Friday 30 June 2017

Where Were The Vapers?

I find this truly staggering from ASH. They had a stall this week at The Chartered Trading Standards Institute conference and were giving out information about e-cigs. So who did they invite to do it?

Erm, why didn't they invite some vapers?

Tobacco control, especially ASH, have no real idea about e-cigs whatsoever. The extent of ASH's knowledge is so bloody piss poor that they lobbied ferociously in favour of Article 20 of the TPD which - in their own parlance - will kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Now, I happen to know that ASH know very many perfectly capable vapers who could have given some great insights into e-cigs at this event, far better than anything Breathe2025 could possibly have done.

It would also have been a very good opportunity for Trading Standards Officers to meet vapers first-hand and hear truly expert testimony as to how unduly harsh enforcement of the TRPR could have some dire unintended consequences for both freedom of choice and public health.

So why did ASH not ask the vapers that they know very well, and speak to very often, to come along to this conference? I'm pretty sure they would have jumped at the opportunity.

A bit whiffy, isn't it? 

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