Friday, 28 July 2017

You Too Can Own A Rarity!

I don't half treat you guys sometimes.

Today I have listed an item on eBay so rare that I don't think you will see another one this decade. Rarer even than a first folio Shakespeare!

And yet you can own it. Yes, you really can! What's more, this copy is signed by the author himself in tribute to your humble host, and contains a quote of mine which you can read about in an article I wrote earlier this year.

It is offered with free postage to wherever you are and all proceeds will go to NNA Australia so bid generously. To view this incredible once-in-a-lifetime offer, go to the eBay listing page here for full item description details.

It ends in 10 days, so don't miss out. Good luck!

Oh, and if you happen to win, do let me know what you did with it, eh? 

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