Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Assault On Christmas Begins

I'm often asked why I have a dislike for 'public health', but it's an extremely easy question to answer. It is because they are the most disgustingly anti-social people in society today.

Here is a perfect example from this past week.
Calls have been made to ban the Coca-Cola truck from Liverpool this Christmas amid concerns about obesity levels in the city.
No, it was just one call; from one pretty miserable human being.
Liverpool's Liberal Democrat leader Richard Kemp said the city is "in the grip of an obesity epidemic".  
He believes Coca-Cola's popular festive vehicle promotes a product which is "grossly unhealthy", as first reported in the Liverpool Echo.
The Liverpool Echo, in turn, reported that:
For each of the past five years, the illuminated heavy loader, emblazoned with the red-and-white logo of the famous soft drink all lit up, has attracted thousands of people in the city centre.
Yes, thousands of people turn up every year for this little piece of Christmas magic - and, erm, there is no obligation to drink the bloody product - but this one joyless pinch-lipped Lib Dem wants it banned. I really don't get these 'Liberal' Democrats. Not satisfied with turning their entire party's raison d'etre into trying to overturn a democratic vote on the EU, now this guy thinks he has sole authority over the thousands of people who will vote with their feet when the Coca-Cola truck comes to Liverpool. He seriously believes that his twisted and perverse view of the world trumps the enjoyment of a huge crowd of happy Liverpudlian families and thinks he has the right to usurp parental choice. He has since been denying that he is a Scrooge, which led to this amusing graphic from some mischievous card at the Liverpool Echo.

But then, he's not really to blame, he's just an incredibly gullible twat. The real criminal in all of this is the money-grabbing 'public health' movement who have been whispering junk science into this inadequate man's brain for years.

Take fellow blood-sucking puritan Simon Capewell, who subsequently applauded Cllr Kemp's anti-social extremism.
“We are indeed fighting for sugary drinks to be treated the same as tobacco which means, higher taxes and stricter limits on advertising. 
“The Coke Christmas truck has NO place in our society.”
Speak for yourself sunshine, but the thousands of people who swarm to see it would disagree with you and your vanishingly tiny monomaniacal minority.

Let's for a moment, take it as read that fizzy drinks - despite being a tiny percentage of overall calorie intake - are solely responsible for an obesity problem that is wildly over-exaggerated. Even in that already extreme scenario, the overwhelming majority of people don't drink Coca-Cola incessantly, and it is even more hysterical to try to equate just one annual event where kids get a bit of Xmas magic thrown their way along with a miniature can of Coke as being anything pernicious at all.

It's snobbery, pure and simple. Extreme arrogance from repulsive wastes of DNA, emboldened by a bunch of fib-lipped charlatans, some of whom have recently been exposed as being keen to pervert truth on a whim to promote their signature form of anti-social behaviour.

We should be throwing these people in jail, not handing them half a billion pounds of our taxes each year. Public health is a vile institution which has completely forgotten that it is there to help society, not beat it about the head with a stick and make kids cry.

This, too, is only the start. We are only in early November and already the public health assault on Christmas is in full swing. From here on in, any excitement about the festive period will be tempered by a queue of charmless, bed-wetting, shroud-waving pieces of hysterical 'public health' slug shit trying to guilt trip us all for enjoying what we choose to enjoy, and their reason for doing so is nothing but their own personal gain.

That is why I dislike 'public health', because they are arrogant, ivory tower fun-snipers who derive joy out of nagging others and taking away their pleasures. They are, quite simply, adult bullies so it is perfectly natural to dislike them.

If you fancy seeing what has got this small minority of repulsive snobs so irate, by the way, get your diary out as the schedule for the tour is here. Holidays are coming. 

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