Wednesday 28 September 2011

Yes, Definitely

Timmy says you probably should order this book, and the Devil gives one reason why. I tend to agree.

For me, especially, this sentence in the introduction rings some very familiar bells.

The number of illegal activities in the average Western democracy has long since become incalculable, but it is a rare day that passes without fresh prohibitions being demanded by ardent pressure groups and grandstanding politicians.
It's precisely this phenomenon which I find uniquely abhorrent in the 21st century, and which eventually prompted the setting up of this blog a few years ago. I expect the book is going to tell me that it's not merely a modern anti-social problem, after all.

As such, my copy is on its way. If your interest is similarly piqued, you can order yours here.


Pavlov's Cat said...

I'm just worried that much like with 1984 some will see it as an instruction manual

George Speller said...

Got mine yesterday. Engrossing.