Sunday 22 January 2012

Err, Where Are The Staff?

Spot the exploited worker

It was all about bar workers, you see?
We've seen them all clambering to the special 'outside lounge' to spark up but now it appears the Celebrity Big Brother housemates are being left out in the cold.

The smokers of the House have been told they must now only puff on cigarettes in the actual CBB garden which has no covered roof or comfy seats.

And if they fail to do so show chiefs could be prosecuted and face a fine of up to £2,500.

But smoking has now been made more difficult for the smokers of the house as they can now only puff away in the cold uncovered part of the garden.

Environmental health officers from Hertsmere Borough Council have now ordered heads at the makers of the show, Endemol, to comply with their new ruling.

And as a result Endemol chiefs have ordered the remaining stars to stop lighting up in the covered garden, which has three walls and a roof.
Smokers making their own decisions and harming no-one but themselves? That just won't do.

The fact that no bar workers forced into medieval fug-filled conditions against their will - or any other staff for that matter - can possibly be harmed is irrelevant.

Thank you, Hertsmere Council, for showing the smoking ban up for the utter crock of disingenuous shit that it has always been.

H/T Mrs P's Chief Bridesmaid


Mr A said...

I wondered how long it would take for this to happen. You see, for all its faults, CBB shows up what we all know about the smoking ban.

1) Smokers are more interesting generally. And if not, it's where the smokers are which is where the fun and action is.

2) Non-smokers can sit with smokers without waving their arms, coughing and being in the slightest bit bothered by smoke.

and 3) It highlights the fact that ASH's figures about the number of smokers is generally wrong. We can say Eurostat says that 28% of the UK population smoke, plus a third of baccy is imported or illegal, plus a certain percentage, when asked don't admit to smoking, plus around 25% have a fag when socialising but don't count themseleves as smoking, so the number of smokers is far higher than the 21% that ASH routinely claim until we're blue in the face. But CBB shows up the lie every series. The only non-smokers in the house this year are the twins, Gareth and maybe someone else. Everyone else smokes.

You see, they don't like the fact that smoking is shown to be a social lubricant rather than an "anti-social addiction." And they don't like the fact that it shows that so many people, young folks too, still smoke, despite their haranguing.

It was only a matter of time....

david said...

The council will have been leaned on. Maybe because all contestants are paid and therefore qualify as staff. But it'll be more 'we can't let young people see smokers enjoying themselves in comfort'.

But the fact is that this dreadful place is their temporary home. Pity that none of smokers (probably) have the slightest inkling about the SHS myth.

Perhaps the bridesmaid could could you posted re the smokers' reactions?

Anonymous said...

Clearly, there is no objective other than persecution.

It is very odd, though, isn't it? It the BB house a public place? How so, I wonder?

Typical of this organisation not to fight against the bullying.

Anonymous said...

A 'workplace', I suppose. But it not also the set of a 'theatre'....a stage?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if one of the smokers DID know about the SHS scam and explained it to the thousands who tune in.

So, who's volunteering to audition? :)


Dick Puddlecote said...

Great points, Junican. Just further emphasising the crock of shit theory. :)

tim.bone said...

Here is my personal opinion about what happened, and a few thoughts about why nothing was said on air.

I do not think that the local council even thought about it. I think that a member of the public, a viewer, who was a typical anti smoking busybody, saw them sitting in a comfortable, obviously heated smoking lounge, protected from the elements, and phoned the council. This prompted the council to inspect the houses layout. They saw that the smoking lounge did not comply with the 2006 Health Act, and informed Channel 5.

As is typical with smoking ban activity, very little was said publicly. 'Big Brother' would have informed the celebrities that they could no longer use the desiganted smoking lounge. Now how this was done only they know. It may even have been veiled as some kind of BB punishment, a usual occurence in the house. I don't know. What I do know is this, it had to be done in such a way as to avoid confrontation. Having heard Denise Welch on Loose Women when they discuss things like banning smoking in parks and cars, she is very outspoken.
If they had known the facts, I would not have put it past Denise to say, "fuck you, take the £2500 fine out of my £150,000 fee."

David said...

'So, who's volunteering to audition? :)'

Dick brought it up...perhaps the gorgeous cow would join him.

How about Dick, Leggy, Harleyrider and Frank banged up with Debby, Stanton, the Welsh git and Dickie Doubleday?

Now that would make good viewing....

JonathanBagley said...

Surely it's a hotel? They are in residence.