Thursday 23 February 2012

The Elephant At The Drive-Through

Oh, that? We don't like to talk about that

I'm extremely worried about those Aussies, as they're beginning to lose the plot.
FAST food giant Hungry Jack's has banned its drive-through customers from smoking while ordering.

A company spokesman said the ban had been recently introduced nationally to protect its window staff from passive smoking.
Hey guys, do you not think there might be something a trifle more worrying (clue above)?
Laws in Queensland include smoking bans for indoor and outdoor public places, as well as tough restrictions on retail advertising, display and promotion of tobacco products.

Public Health Association national president Mike Daube commended Hungry Jack's for introducing the new policy.

"Many of the staff serving at drive-through outlets will be young people who are at special risk," Professor Daube said.
But immune, it would appear, from the gallons of exhaust fumes - vastly larger by volume than a few wisps of smoke - being pumped out day in, day out, by every customer, smoker or not.
"It makes sense to ensure that non-smokers are protected from passive smoking wherever possible.

"The last thing a young staff member needs at the drive-through counter is to have smoke blown in their faces - that can be both unpleasant and harmful."
Oh, I dunno. I reckon the very last thing a staff member needs is a collection of gases which can kill within minutes in an enclosed space ... and that ain't the tobacco smoke, fool. But that's not what these anti-smoking hysterics truly believe.

They're getting more insane by the day, how long before they're claiming to be Napoleon?

H/T My Aussie informer


Beware of Geeks said...

FFS!  That's all I can say.  FFS.

All I can suggest is people just simply ignore this nonsense.

Just smoke.  And when ppl complain, just point to your exhaust.

It's the same false argument that homo simians say when you can't use a mobile phone at a garage because " may cause a spark..", failing to realise that under every car is a red hot exhaust pipe.  And no, the myth that it affects the volume counter is equally bollox as is the interference in the ILS, GPS and NAV systems on any aircraft.

Homo Simians.

All of them.

Whack them around the furrowed brow with a bunch of Fife's best I say until they simply shut the feck up.

Otherwise if you think this is bad, think about the life your children are going to experience.

It's up to you all.

I'm doing my part, I hope you are doing your's too.

Thomas said...

If it is legal, one can attach a hose to the exhaust pipe, run it around and up the side of the car next to the driver's side window and have it point outward and toward the order taking window, since all that lovely exhaust gas is less dangerous than the mere sight of a puff of cigarette smoke or ecig steam being vented into the great out of doors.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I remind mine daily. 

Hengist&Co said...

Ah but dont forget,the Skippy featured descendents of pimps and
child molesters are motorists,their fumes and gases are essential,
they do no wrong choking the budgies and wallabies to death,its
only the Satanic smokers who need demonising.
Dont forget ,here in the English Hades,you cant smoke in an exhaust fitting centre,just how daft is that
Hopefully soon the comitose smokers will leave their coma and start
having a serious tete a tete with these silly little crackpots
Currrently the 10 million smokers,60,000+ publicans and various
campaigns are as much use as a chocolate kettle
Where we should have a gathering of Eagles,we have muster of well
spoken Parrots not to mention a flustering of gargoyles and middle earthers like CAMRA and wallified Trade Bodies.

Carry on Twittering  

Reinhard Dekter said...

I know, this is getting stupid. It's like we're competing with the UK to see who can be the most illiberal fastest. We have a totally pointless carbon tax, plain packaging on cigarettes which will do nothing, our alcohol and tobacco tax is insane and the pollies don't seem to be able to agree on who should be PM.

Lyn said...

And what do these vehicle fumes do to our food?  Let's face it, here in the UK at least, when you drive along a motorway, how many fields do you pass where cattle and sheep are grazing?  How many growing crops?

All the fumes being pumped out from all the vehicles on that motorway MUST have some effect!  The chemical residue must end up in the ground, contaminating the grass and crops that the animals we end up eating and getting dairy products from, have ingested!  Surely it doesn't take a scientist or a genious to work that out - just plain old common sense!

Maybe that is the source of the huge increase in cancers we have now, despite smoking having declined drastically over the decades?

Michael McFadden said...

And quite aside from the exhaust fumes that might wander in the windows is the fact that INSIDE that building there are TONS of carcinogenic cooking/frying/broiling fumes being created that are somehow magically ventilated outside by ventilators that shut down at the mere thought of a wisp of cigarette smoke.  See the ten second video I took at a local "Burger King" here in the US:  

The Smokers Club, Inc. - BBQ is toxic and will kill you


Sam Duncan said...

The most depressing part is that you are. They really are quite pathetically desperate to be the first to ban this, the first to mandate that, as if it mattered.

Dr Evil said...

These Aussies simply don't get the irony of this story do they?

S Nolan said...

I noticed "No Smoking" signs at a McDonalds drive through today and was wondering what was going on (I'm in Australia). Must remember to blow massive vapor clouds with my ecig every time I use drive through from now on. I wonder how long it will take before somebody says something?

I'm also wondering how long before some guy gets pissed off enough to refuse to move his car until he is served...