Saturday 25 February 2012

Stealing Freedoms

I think you'll enjoy this two and a half minute video from Learn Liberty, pointing out how states have appropriated private property rights at the expense of every citizen.

There's quite a debate to be had under the line at YouTube too, if you're into that sort of thing.

Of course, their next trick is to steal your right to packaging of your choice, rather than theirs. Do sign up and object here.


Thomas said...

I noticed an avid foam at the mouth anti-smoker is highly engaged at the source website for this video using atrocious English language to name-call smokers and demand no rights for medical services for smokers, including promoting for more, not less smoking bans, the ideals of liberty, freedom and private property rights something the anti-smoking mouth-foamer can't quite seem to stop ranting long enough to apprehend.

nisakiman said...

The sad thing is that it shouldn't even need saying.

It's so basic, so obvious, so common-sense that it's astounding we find ourselves in this situation. Of course it should be up to the property owner. That the tobacco control lobby have convinced government that they can ride roughshod over people's property rights is a travesty of justice. Even now, several years in, I still find it somewhat surreal that so many lives have been ruined as a result of the machinations of a few fanatical zealots.

George Speller said...

And it won't be long before all you need is your own home to have your property rights denied. Hells bells even now I can't choose what sort of lightbulbs I can use. Sheesh.