Monday, 14 May 2012

Where Is YOUR Contribution, Hague?

"Nothing is fucked up, just give us your money"

You know when you read something and think you must have got all the letters mixed up? Then you rub your eyes and re-read it but it's still as shite as you first thought?

Well, this.
He says of complaining business leaders: “I think they should be getting on with the task of creating more of those jobs and more of those exports, rather than complaining about it.”

Mr Hague warns that Britain has suffered from decades of declining work ethic, when people were persuaded they could “live on expanded debt forever, rather than having to earn what we spend”. The country’s work ethic needs to be rescued “in the nick of time”, he says.

The “work harder” message is understood to be a key plan of the Government’s political fightback, which is aimed at appealing to “strivers” and hard-pressed families.
Listen Hague, you weapons-grade cock, we are working harder and harder every advancing year. The fact you have any growth whatsoever even possible is nothing to do with government and all to do with Adam Smith's principle of self-interest.

Of course, anyone who tries to start up a business; grow a business; employ more people; or innovate to create jobs and produce something good for the country, is faced with one great big fucking obstacle.

The government and the EU. And guess what, munchkin, you're instrumental in both.

The Queen's speech offers us the delights of transferring maternity pay to the father, swiftly following on from your waving through EU regulations on re-instating holiday entitlement when staff get sick on their own time. You do realise, don't you, that that's someone else's money you're spending?

Crikey, these are just two off the top of my head to add to the hundreds of other obligations your political class have laid - like jagged rocks - in front of businesses trying to grow.

In my own industry of transport, you also felt it fine to let even small businesses feel the full force of EU fuckwittery, despite it being perfectly within your powers to claim an exemption. You know, for the British people, remember us?

We thought Labour were bad, but your lot are passing legislation at a more rapid rate than even them! Hugely so (bottom left of this page).

Where the fuck is your contribution to business, Hague? Where is this assault on red tape because I sure as shit haven't seen it. Where is the commitment from government to help out businesses in delivering growth? A minor tax cut coupled with burdens elsewhere which negate it? Are you serious?

Your government is not only imposing more laws than any before it, you're also spending more money than any previously. If you want growth, how about stopping the river of cash from private industry into many many pointless overheads. Ooh, I can think of £468k just for starters.

How extremely arrogant is it of this man to demand more effort from private business when his own administration is doing jack to reduce the pressure imposed from Westminster and Brussels.

Stop moaning? You should feel lucky that so few of those who can do so have migrated abroad so far. Sit back in your chair and continue to feed the insatiable tax-funded, debt-increasing monkey if you like, but don't you fucking dare say that mild complaints about your administration aren't valid.

I think it's well beyond time we reported the parliamentary Conservative Party as missing persons, don't you?


Mudplugger said...

If work was so good, the rich would have kept it for themselves.

Thomas said...

An excellent rant- and it would be excellent if the target of your ire could see it.
I don't know what happened to William Hague, I always used to think he was alright. He has come out with some much BS and statist crap lately though he now scores no different in my book to the rest of them-just below the hight of a lamp post as it happens.

truckerlyn said...

Regarding work ethic, I seem to recall an MP, can't remember which one, saying that we need the Eastern Europeans here to work as their work ethic is so good and they will do the jobs that the Brits won't do.

That made my blood boil!  What actually happens is they come here and rent a house for around £500 per month and then 10 to 20 move in.  Now £500 per month between 10 or 20 and the bills split too is a pittance to find each month per head.  So, they are more than happy to work for the minimum wage as they are still really well off at the end of the day.

If a couple own or rent a house costing £500 (or even a bit less) per month, they cannot afford to work for minimum wage as they would struggle to pay the mortgage/rent never mind the bills on top as well!

Work ethic has to be valued and workers need to be paid a wage they can actually afford to live on whilst living a normal life by British standards.

To the Eastern Europeans our minimum wage is a fortune compared to what they would be paid back home.  Whilst here for a few years and sending money home to the wife and kids as well as claiming Child Benefit for their kids, they are on a really good high.  Some of the Poles I meet are close to having enough saved to go home and buy a property outright, with land!

One of the Polish guys I spoke to a while back asked why many of us here don't seem to like them.  I said it was nothing personal, and explained what I have said above and that because of them our wages are being kept low and many of us cannot afford to work for so little and keep a roof over our heads.  He agreed with what I said and said he knew of those who lived 10 and 20 to a house; half would work day shifts and as they got up to go to work the other half would get home from night shifts and get into the warm beds just vacated!

This issue needs addressing by government along with the hundreds of others if they have any hope at all of gaining a modicom of respect from the majority of the population.  Not much chance I think!

Bjorn Hallberg said...

Mudplugger please!
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