Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Monsters Our Politicians Created

In typically irreverent style, Jackart has poured appropriate scorn on the latest effluence to escape from Westminster, this time on the apparent urgent need for "compulsory body image and self-esteem lessons" for kids.
The bigger problem is that the kind of levers Government can pull simply aren't appropriate for the problem they're trying to solve. MPs should have seen the report they're discussing and concluded there's little, if anything they can do. Body-image classes are at best a useless waste of time and teaching resources, and at worst appallingly counterproductive.

Indeed, if politicians and the state-paid fuckwits they listen to hadn't been droning on incessantly about the model, toned, healthy citizen for the past decade or more, there likely wouldn't be a 'problem' to solve.

There was a time when how others lived their lives was irrelevant to us. Apart from teasing the school Roland when we were still immature and stupid, the vast majority of us grew out of it in adulthood. How other people lived was entirely a matter for them.

Now, however, it's open season on those who have been accused of being 'different', undeserving or reckless by irresponsible MPs and money-grubbing civil servants and lobbyists. As a result, although we're pretty crap at song contests these days, our public contains world leaders in bigotry and sweeping discrimination.

Perhaps having noticed how anti-fat rhetoric has perverted the perception of overweight people, today the BBC floated the silly idea of language modification with predictable results in the comments. They may as well have written "leave your disgusting abuse here".
"Let's make a law against obesity."

"It is not fair that those who are overweight (There, I said it) will be granted a transplant ahead of somebody who is otherwise healthy, when they clearly neglect themselves."

"I think more should be done to reduce those who are overweight by introducing a fat tax or be refused entry to fast food rests. They not only cost the tax payer Billions but are laziness and greed personified"

"The parents slowly killing their children are not generally stick-thin themselves."

"It is against the law to sell alcohol to someone who is drunk. How about making it illegal to sell certain foods to obese customers?"

"Society has a role to play: smokers have been banned from public places, so should the obese."

"Why not call them 'drain on the health service', 'FB's', 'Lardies', 'Pigs', 'Heart attack on legs'."

"Stop having sex with them. That should do the trick."

"If people want to die early by not eating sensibly, then thats their affair. God knows we are very overpopulated."

"I live near a chippy and seeing their grotesque customers everyday actually put me off chips to the extent that I don't really like them anymore. The worst bit is seeing them poisoning their children too"

"We need a campaign to bring back shame for avoidable moral hazards."

"I get offended everyday by the unhealthy FAT people sucking up NHS resources with lifestyle imposed issues but no one worries about that."

"Cant the government give these people ration cards?!"

"Most fatties DESERVE to be mocked."

"I look down on fat people because they're abusing the system: they overeat and expect others to foot the bill. If the obese won't change themselves then a little health fascism is fully justified."

"there is a simple solution. FAT TAX "THE MORE YOU WEIGH, THE MORE YOU PAY" if a 18st fatty had to pay £20 for a big mac and £5 for a bus ride the weight would just drop off."

"Obesity problem and renewable energy...hmmm. How about we round up all the overweight people get them on treadmills and use them to power the country. Two birds, one stone."

"Right on! And if they refuse, melt them down for fuel oil."

"Fat people should be killed at birth!"
All, without a shadow of a doubt, brainwashed into being state-sanctioned pecksniffs after binge-consumption of health obsessed propaganda from government convinced them that 'other people' are costing them money. Cost to the NHS being a constant theme pumped out by ministerial press release, is it any wonder the less bright in society swallow it whole?

Only one person seems to get what is actually going on here.
492. mwng "There really is no arguing with people who are of the "it's costing the NHS money" mentality despite simple logic telling them how wrong they are. I'll just say this instead - Care for the elderly costs comparatively FAR more than treatment of smoking related illness and obesity - who's really costing the NHS the most money? Stop using NHS costs as an excuse for your hatred and bullying."
And that really is all there is to it. While most of us matured and realised that bullying is a pathetic trait to still carry in adulthood, dipshit politicians have allowed these disgusting individuals to believe that being abusively holier-than-thou is not only perfectly acceptable, but also a public duty which one can be proud of exhibiting to the world.

Myself, I am more of the opinion of this guy.
379. Ian "I have just returned to England after 10 years living in another country.

In that time the country has gone completely MAD."
And we know who to blame, don't we?


Jeffwood said...

Here in Italy, we have more important things to worry about than smokers (plenty of those) drinkers and fatties (well, everyone takes a vino, including children, and we have all shapes and sizes of bodies about).

"No," remarked our doctor as he drew on his cigarette, "What we hate is those cannibals in the next comune..."

Tired said...

Dick, when I first became aware of the hate mongering aimed at smokers I believed that it would petre out or be stamped out socially or politically. In the 10 years since it has become apparent that it is not only tolerated but encouraged and sanctioned. The fanatic front groups have few members yet appear to hold undue influence. No sir, this world wide, coordinated splitting of the people is a tactic, part of some greater strategy.

Jax said...

It’ll be interesting indeed to see how these “positive body image” classes might be structured.  Aren’t they caught between the devil and the deep blue sea here?  On the one hand, they’ve committed themselves to pushing the Eugenically-approved image of the fit, strong, toned, ruddy-cheeked, eternally-smiling athlete who treats his/her body as a temple, avoiding alcohol, tobacco, salt, sugar and fatty foods and religiously adhering to the five-a-day, fit-4-life regime; but now they’re suggesting classes to get children – with all the same variations in height, weight, proportions, colours and natural levels of fitness as one finds in the adult community – to “accept themselves as nature made them.”
If they don’t make their minds up one way or the other, all they’re likely to achieve is to make children even more confused about how they “should look” than they already are!

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Twisted Root said...

Quite. Our Lords and masters have found the perfect formula to induce a double-mind into the nation's children, all the better to make them more easily controlled.
Government creating the problem is the problem and that is why, as Dick has been highlighting recently, they are content to shovel taxpayer's cash in the direction of anti-smoking rent seekers.

Patnurse said...

This is obviously too close to the nerve DP - it appears someone has marked you maliciously as spam which makes sharing impossible. I alerted FB that you were a serious news blogger not a spammer and you have probably been maliciously reported to prevent your words getting out. Welcome to Soviet Britain. 

Patnurse said...

On the third attempt, I managed to share it from your FB page DP but FB won't let me post any link to it. 

Lyn Ladds said...

And people object to the term 'Nazi' being used! 

Wasn't it Hitler who wanted to create the perfect human specimen?

Apart from that, there has been enough trauma with youngsters becoming anorexic and bolemic trying to emulate super skinny models, now the government want to perpetuate that and by doing so cost the country far more than 'obese' already do!

Finally, how many healthy, sporty young people (under the age of 30) have died in recent years?  Too many, so is it really the only healthy option?

Know I have said it before, but life and how long you live and how healthy you are depends a huge amount on genetics and nothing the government does will change that.  You can be the perfect specimen and still die of 'natural' causes before the age of 30 or you can live the most debauched lifestyle and live wll into your dotage. 

That is LIFE - live with it!

Bill Sticker said...

Dick. As for the 'monsters our politicians created', they have always existed.  Only now the politicians listen to them. 

Freedom or Bust said...

The freaks,the control fanatics,they are not great in number nor are they
hearts of Oak,their strength is our disunity ,our civility,our law abiding
politeness and cap doffing obedience.We not only erect our own prisons
we even supply the Wardens,the ones who chirp half measures,the ones
who wave appeasement banners.
Lie down and hope
Stand up and kick ass

Dun Running 

None said...

I was thinking the same, the Nazis wanted perfect bodies and perfect human beings also. And this thing about nothing the government can do can change that, some of it being totally genetic and normal - they can do one thing - like Hitler - by getting rid of anyone who doesn't fit the mold of perfection as seen in their eyes. Thus this is a dangerous path beginning with anti-smoking, now moving on to anti-everyone else considered "degenerate" by the elite. Scary that these people make their livings from promoting this sort of thing, including the political, professional and medical ruling classes, but I guess smoke-bans in particular gave them the initial green light by appealing to a general sense of false-pride, as the anti-smoking hate campaigns tend to do. The smoking bans were thus more dangerous than any purported "harm" claimed by way of the SHS Fraud upon which they first began.

banned said...

I was chatting with a senior health official about obesity just the other day. He was keen to point out the link between alcohol and obesity since "people did not take into account the calorific content of alcohol that they are unable to process and which results in the build up of body fat" Two birfs with one stone he thinks, not that he was able to point out a single obese person on the street along which we were driving.

On a related topic Bill, heard anything about this?
I just walked to my local Co-Op to buy my usual  1/2 bottle of Smirnoff  and was about to slip it into my trouser pocket when the salesgirl said (embarrassed)"Actually we have to put it in a bag now" I replied "What, since when?""We was only told yesterday, it's a Fine innit Stan?" "I think someone just made that up. I keep my eye out for this sort of nonsense and have heard nothing about it but do what you have to do".

David said...

The Co-Op appears to be desperate to kowtow. Maybe because it's more convenience than superstore. I'm a member and occasionally get glossy brochures that point out how 'good' it is. They even arrange school visits to educate kids about responsible drinking. Interestingly, not tobacco it seems Strange, isn't it, that nobody talks about responsible smoking? Yet most grocery retailers continue to sell tobacco. Could it be because they support the right to smoke, as a matter of principle? I doubt it somehow. It's totally about business. 

Lyn Ladds said...

And I wonder what the Greens will think about that!  Aren't we supposed to reduce or stop using bags to 'save the world'?