Friday 1 June 2012

Course Not, Deborah

"[...] The “domino theory” i.e. that once a measure has been applied to tobacco it will be applied to other products is patently false. The same argument was used against the ban on tobacco advertising, but 9 years after the tobacco ban in the UK, alcohol advertising is still permitted with no sign of it being prohibited."

Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of ASH, 20th February 2012
This, presumably, is what "no sign" looks like.
Key areas [Balance North East] says need to be addressed include the prevention of alcohol advertising aimed at young people; the prevention of alcohol advertising on TV and at the cinema; prevention of alcohol marketing on social networking sites and the ending of sponsorship by the alcohol industry of sports and young people's events.
They don't specifically mention them, but the accompanying video shows that Balance have their sights set on billboards and shop displays too.

Taking that as a guide, it means we could be battling against display bans and plain packaging for alcohol products a mere nine years from now.

Nice of Debs to remind us of the timescale, isn't it?


Christopher Snowdon said...

The video clearly implies (at 0.13) that the display of alcohol in shops constitutes advertising and we know where that logic leads.

The only question is how much taxpayer cash is being spent on this blatant lobbying. 

Christopher Snowdon said...

Your glorious mascot asked the question in 2010. Funded by PCTs and the police. Not sure how much though.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Plain packaging for beer Dick. Will we not be allowed to know if we are buying Budweiser Budovar or Lidl own brand lager?

peter levick said...

It may be worth noting the number of females employed in organisations such as 'Balance'. The impact of rampant feminism as opposed to equality may be a significant factor in the current, and growing, puritan mindset.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Definitely does imply displays as advertising. Plus beer in fridges which will no doubt have to be plain packed 'for the children' in future.

I wonder where they got such an absurd idea from? 

Dick_Puddlecote said...

You'll be allowed to know unless you have sight problems and can't see the 14 point font on a bland price list, just like current tobacco control legislation. 

Messalina said...

Yes, you've got a point there.  Sadly, I've noticed that too.  This kind of rampant feminism does nothing for women.

Ivan Denisovich said...

I have little respect for organisations that put words into the mouths of those considered too young to play a full part in the political process in order to add to the emotional impact of their messages. Unfortunately, it seems to be a tactic that the public health industry is using with increasing frequency and, based on their third hand smoke campaign, one that our government has no problem with either.

I long since lost faith in the DH as a force for good, or for that matter an arm of government in which I have any trust or faith.

Balance is headed up by a professional spin doctor who must be costing the tax payer a pretty penny however he is actually funded. 

Meanwhile, Mrs D who is a front line nurse has been asked to give up her coffee break as part of a management efficiency drive to cut costs in her part of the NHS. This is more serious than it sounds as breaks are very hard to take when you work in the operating theatre.

Twisted Root said...

OT DP, but you are famous and not in a fairly representative way in my opinion:

Time to bring the psychotic anti-smoker page to the front perhaps?

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Where's my link, FFS! ;)

Tom said...

"... it means we could be battling against display bans and plain packaging for alcohol products a mere nine years from now."
Nine years is too long a timeframe. Once these fanatics get their foot in the door things start picking up pace and begin moving exponentially, not in a straight linear sequence. I would say three years instead of nine since the anti-tobacco crusade has already opened the path for corruption and transformed it into a super-highway with express lanes.

Twisted Root said...

Same place as the quality, well researched and sourced journalism

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Good point. I was just discussing yesterday how health hysteria has accelerated exponentially in the past few years, so you're right that it could be swifter than that.

Temple of Doom said...

The high profile of po faced,flat chested,barren femme fatales in the
ban industry is hardly surprising given the glaring shortage of men with
balls willing to put the silly little tarts back where they belong.
These wax winged Valkyrie,hell bent on darkening any vestige of male
merriment,they flutter around the corridors of power pecking at third rate
half men ,unloved ,unliked and uneccesary.
like the harpies of old,they flap around in the sadness of others,their
longevity will be their punishment
let us not hate them,let us pity them.

Caligula's Horse

Jay said...

It's because we're on the backfoot and they know it. Must turn the tables now, you great intimidator!

Ian R Thorpe said...

I am credulous enough to believe that if it has Budovar embossed on the bottle then the stuff inside is probably Budovar. But a white label bearing the message ALCOHOL KILLS? I'd want guarantees that I wasn't paying for good stuff and getting Katzpils low strength.

Paul Chase said...

Cligula's Horse: I am a fan! what a wonderful rant! Please email me so that we can correspond direct.