Tuesday 5 June 2012

"Shut Up And Let The Smart People Decide Everything"

Considering recent circumstances, this is a very apposite film from The Forbidden History. Although focussed mostly on moves against free speech in Australia (what a surprise), the arguments are very broadly drawn and can most certainly apply equally here.

Who gets to decide what is acceptable speech, and why does their particular opinion trump anyone else's?


H/T @AusLibertarians


Mag01 said...

Concerning the "naughty people"

Jeff Wood said...

Well posted.

I reckon the majority of pro-liberty people who populate the Interwebs are younger, often much younger than me. That gives me hope.

c777 said...

I was just wondering how many in public health have these?


Twentyrothmans said...

I enjoyed watching this. I'm Australian, though, and I know full well that Topher is completely outnumbered by the wowsers who infest that country.

I feel a bit sorry for him. He is tilting at windmills.


Smoking Scot said...

O/T. It's not all one way. Google will flag its users if they suspect punter is under attack by the state. About time too!!!


Educated Worker said...

The main threat to free speech comes not from mainsream Labour or
Conservativism,it loiters like a cancerous gangrene in the poisoned bowels
of Liberalism.Look closely at the Liberal flag wavers ,especially the younger
elite,well spoken deviants, devoid of any decent aspiration ,they buzz
around  degeneracy just as bluebottles sniff around a freshly laid turd.
Land owning Trots,their loathing for workers and Businessmen paramount
in their designs.


banned said...

Nice find, to whom do I report the mongers* of "5 Portions a Day" for their criminal campain of Weight Hate?

*mongers as in Fishmongers, not retards.