Sunday 28 April 2013

The Dramatic Success Which Must Be Stopped

Via Business Insider, here is a graph to put a chill down the spine of many a tobacco controller (click to enlarge).

This is the astonishing success of e-cigs year on year, compiled by those who analyse the market to the nth degree.
As you can see in the chart below above, Adelman estimates that e-cigarettes will take the place of around 1.5 billion cigarettes this year, up from around 600 million last year.
Yes. That's 1.5 billion fewer cigarettes smoked per year; 1.5 billion (and still rising dramatically) being replaced by totally harmless e-cigs. And that's in the USA alone.

You'd think the tobacco control industry would be in a state of euphoria, wouldn't you? Applauding rapturously as if all their wildest dreams were coming true at once. After all, for tobacco companies to move out of the sale of tobacco and into other areas is what they have been demanding for decades!

Yet, worldwide, professional anti-smokers - and incompetent Maltese politicians - are feverishly trying to ban them. Wherever you see a positive article about e-cigs, you'll find a handsomely paid bansturbator desperately bleating about how they should be outlawed or prohibitively restricted.

In effect, they'd prefer it if those 1.5 billion cigarettes continued to be smoked until the smoker quits using a cessation method approved by their global cabal. 

It tells you all you need to know about the tobacco control industry. Within it are hideous hypocrites who are more interested in the 'control' part of the job, and their own self-enrichment, than public health goals they like to pretend they are working towards.

Because, as you will probably have worked out by now, it's never been about health. 


gotsteam said...


Fiamma Palermo said...

It's about control and bullying and money.

DP said...

Dear Mr Puddlecote

Big Tobacco Control is just another government franchise to help spend taxpayers' money on hurting the taxpayers, along with the War on Drugs and Global Warming scams.

I get the feeling that it is smokers who will bring down the EU and overweening governments in the formerly civilised world.

Bring it on ...


Debbie Guardino said...

It saddens me that those who claim to be concerned about people's health are obviously more concerned about their funding....

nisakiman said...

Because, as you will probably have worked out by now, it's never been about health.

Good Lord DP, you're surely not suggesting that they've been pulling the wool over our eyes! Heaven forbid!