Saturday 18 January 2014

Link Tank 18/01

Rejoice! We're one more Saturday closer to the cricket season.

When trolling pressure groups cause real harm

Chicago bans e-cigs indoors

How Bill Gates is helping KFC take over Africa

Mum of allergic student sues school for serving eggs and milk

Water: It's cold. It's wet. It's deep. It's dangerous. We know.

10 myths about sugar

US porn production takes its business from California to Vegas

Anti-gambling campaigners slapped down for false advertising in Australia (pic)

Meet the robot that makes 360 fast food burgers per hour

Ten reasons why Britain is better than France

What does a Black Widow spider bite feel like?


tacitus said...

Off topic but who cares
An Arab journalist did a survey of Tobacco farmers in MALAWI(Africa)
He revealed that a farmer and his 5-11 year old children workers received
.....................3 cents (American) for 1 KILOGRAM stemless leaf tobacco
In a UK shop 1 kg retails at £ 320 Sterling
Forget the bankers,the lawyers,the estate agentS with their PUNY RIP OFFS
.........3 CENTS (2 PENCE STERLING) TO £320 (THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY POUNDS) Now thats what I call a real rip off!
Even worse, £240 of the £320 goes to incite hatred of those who pay it.

truckerlyn said...

"What's the difference between government and organised crime?"

Not a lot!

truckerlyn said...

I got one last year for free, from the tobacconist in Majorca where we buy 6 months supply for both of us. They can't give us enough in freebies, so as we don't drink spirits we more or less get to choose what we want from the shop! I use mine for when I am working, it is great in my work bag, doesn't get crushed and doesn't get soggy in the wet! It will either hold a pack or the cigs themselves.

DP said...

One is illegal.

However, neither is lawfull.