Saturday 22 February 2014

Dead Horse Flogging At Its Finest

After an incompetent, tripe-filled flight of laughable fancy on e-cigs earlier in the week, the Guardian have since produced a very balanced piece which - and I think this is the crucial difference - was not written by a screaming idiot.

I do urge you to read it as I've just spent a most enjoyable 40 minutes or so watching some of the country's most stubborn anti-smoking fantasists desperately displaying their ignorance to the world while having their lame fallacies being effortlessly dismissed. 

In the piece itself, Martin McKee shows us all that the tradition of rent-seeking fakery promoted by medieval barber-quacks and Victorian-era American miracle cure salesmen is still alive and kicking even in 2014.
"My view at the moment is that these are things that have been around since the 1960s and people had not paid attention to them. Then suddenly the tobacco industry got interested," he said.
Wrong, of course. The first marketable e-cig was only around five or six years ago and wasn't made by a tobacco company. BAT launched their Vype product in October last year after over a million UK citizens were already merrily vaping away. Just yer usual tobacco control industry lie, then?

Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies decided not to comment, which is probably wise considering she probably knows bugger all about e-cigs and didn't want to embarrass herself. Unlike some we could mention.
McKee acknowledges that a lot of people in public health say e-cigarettes are much safer than tobacco. "Absolutely, but that is not the issue here," he said. "They are missing the point."
Of course they are. The point is that McKee's brand of dinosaur would prefer to bash popular businesses for ideological or personal psychopathic reasons than devote their time to something as mundane as health.

But the real fun is in the comments as the increasingly vanishing hard core who refuse to quit their addiction to e-cig hatred - directly correlated with the vast increase in vaping proving to the public that there is nothing to mither about, I expect - pump out some hilarious nonsense in support of their lame prejudices. 

Do go read them yourself, especially Norm Blunt, a Comical Ali wannabe, who sees his every pathetic opinion - attracting barely an upvote amongst them - effortlessly batted away with inconvenient fact, only to then declare himself as victor in a debate where he was mercilessly embarrassed. 

I did think he was my favourite until saw this on page 2.
I may be wrong, but as an ex-smoker I believe that there is little satisfaction to be had from an e-cigarettte in the long term and that it is fad that will slowly, dare I say it, evaporate.
Yeah, that's what all the evidence says matey. 

Business Insider April 2013
Oops, sorry, that's an old one. 

Business Insider May 2013 forecast
Now, I've always said that e-cigs will expose many anti-smokers for the charlatans that they are, but even I didn't see this kind of self-humiliation coming.

Not that I'm complaining. At this rate it won't be long till creationists are viewed with more respect.


SteveW said...

The comments are priceless mate. Well worth an hour of my time :-)

Legiron said...

I already view creationists with more respect. At least they actually believe what they are saying and, while I think they are entirely wrong, they are at least consistent. The antismokers just make it all up on the fly - and that is becoming clearer every day. Maybe one day, even a politician will notice.

Gathering of Eagles said...

No surprise ,the anti smokers leaping about like castrated rodents,the mounting losses must be threatening their cozy rat holes.
circa 1 -1.3 million vapers not buying fags ,a reasonable estimate of losses to the gravy train. approx £4.8-£5.3 million A DAY
£1.75 BILLION (BILLION) A YEAR just to the Taxman then the losses to the Pharma Mafia and of course approx £600-700 million PA loss to the Tobacco giants
hardly surprising the media puppets are splashing the vaper trails all over
the heavens.
I buy GERMAN TOBACCO in Belgium
I used to buy BRITISH tobacco in BRITISH SHOPS
Opus Veritas

Smoker said...

RE: Swedish Expert disarm itin of herring
The product is called surströmring, and is some very swedish. It's basicly pickled fish, and it's smell is dreadfull. Some say a bit like corpses. It's usely, that the tin is bellowing at the ends, and it's recomended on the tin, that you opoen them in a bucket of Water. Airlines refuse them as hand luggage, due to explosion hazard,

Talwin said...

As a 'sympathetic' non-smoker or vaper (?), I have just emailed Professor McKee to suggest, among other things, that he get a life. But, no, I am not deluded into believing he or any of the other puritans will give a stuff.

truckerlyn said...

It's about time they concentrated on another bandwagon and started leaving smokers and vapers alone!

I have always believed, as do a lot of people, that if you are destined to get cancer or heart disease, or anything else for that matter, you will get it regardless of your lifestyle; if you are not destined to contract any of these diseases, then you won't, again, regardless of lifestyle.

As the old adage goes, one man's meat is anothers poison!

After all, nuts can kill some people, but are perfectly fine in most.

As Talwin has said to Prof McKee, and I say to him and all the other vile puritans, Get a Life and leave ours alone, after all, it is our life to do with as we please!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Not in our lifetime.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Oh he has a life all right, it mostly consists of running round the world producing 'health studies' to 'prove' that the Soviets had the right idea.

It's interesting that he had no interest in e-cigs whatsoever until 2013 when he noticed big business was buying into them. Only then did the junk science juices start to flow. A strange approach for someone who claims to care about health.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Sounds nasty, I'm just happy I wasn't there to witness (or smell) it. :)