Saturday 26 April 2014

Link Tank 26/04

Top article is a glorious must-read, including the comments full of stung snobs.

"Regardless of one's tastes, the classism is palpable"

How government policy fuelled a booming black market in tobacco

Big Brother can’t prevent nosy neighbours

Amsterdam renews efforts to banish marijuana

Increasing alcohol excise is great, if you assume the right things

The deadly war on e-cigarettes

“I don’t have to learn to be safe, my parents will do it for me!”

Canadian authorities ban doorknobs

8 porn stars who made national news (pic)

Now that's what I call a cold beer

Monkey mathematics


Ian B said...

Imagine telling someone 50 years ago that doorknobs would be banned. We have become a Swiftian satire made flesh.

Miss Nowt said...

Manchester Evening News( one of the Guardians runts) reports a big hit on Tobacco smugglers, reporting £5 million quids worth of dodgy baccy.
Sadly for the authorities this only represents a few days trading in the North West as more and more "traders" arrive from the 4 corners of the earth (legal and illegal) The police and HMRC are naturally on a loser as they have to be carefull when dealing with "minorities"otherwise the Guardian/BBC/Labour
ethnic junta would be after their scalps. Even fag smugglers have human rights, for the time being.
The Watcher

Spinny said...

You bastard, you made me open a Guardian article. Now I'll have to wash my eyes with bleach and put my brain back to factory settings

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Not for safety reasons, either, which adds a whole new dimension to it. Bizarre.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

The bleach was reading the dented egos in the comments. So many snobs utterly owned, it was a delight.