Tuesday 27 May 2014

Plain Packaging: Say No To Dave

I've been hugely busy in the past week as Puddlecote Inc reached its staging date for auto-enrolment pensions on the 1st of May so the small matter of running a business has had to take a back seat as we jump through hoops for the government ... and pay extra for the privilege. Where this fits into the coalition's claim to be stripping away red tape, I really don't know. It is by far the most bureaucratic, complicated, rigid, red tape heavy piece of legislation I have ever encountered (even briefly describing the process we have to employ would take up around 500 words).

Despite all this, I was still able to sign up for Forest's new campaign against ridiculous plain packaging legislation because it only takes about a minute to do (in my case, at lunch today over a nasty Sainsbury's microwave chilli con carne, I won't be buying that again). Simon Clark explains the whole thing at his blog better than I could so do please go have a read.

You can tell Dave to drop the stupid idea by clicking here, on the image at the top of this article, or at the sidebar on the right. If you could also share the website widely, that would be even better.

I know it's tiresome that we have to do this again seeing as nearly two thirds of the consultation responses have already told MPs that the UK public rejects the idea, but you know what politicians are like; it has to be rammed into their thick skulls again and again before they wake up and begin to listen.

Perhaps their ass-whipping by UKIP - who are solidly against plain packaging - this past week might make them more receptive now, you never know. They did say they were going to listen to us a bit more, after all, and I'm sure politicians wouldn't, err, lie.


Darryl said...


Beverly said...

Done...my husband and I (sound like the Queen don't I ) have never smoked and yet 2 of our 3 children do and have done since before leaving school apparently. Peer pressure is the main reason that kids smoke - in my opinion.

The Unhappy North said...

Dave does not do what the people want,he does what he is told by the few
who make most noise. By I now I would have expected most intelligent observers would know that government is not of the People,for the People nor by the People it is control by the unelected few ,for the few .
Outside the M25

truckerlyn said...

Had heads up from Forest the other day and duly did the deed.

As for this lot listening to us, well, I believe they said that before the last election! Then again, they will always say, pre election, what they think we want to hear in order to con us into voting for them. Think they might have worn that one a bit thin by now, though!