Sunday 9 November 2014

Remind You Of Anyone?

I mentioned last week that content here would be sparse, and so it came to pass. I've also spent this weekend doing next to bugger all due to the prospect of another similar five days to come. I'm quite simply fried.

I did manage to get to Forest's 35th anniversary on Tuesday though and intend, at some point, to write about that and the tobacco control industry event - chaired by Martin McKee - which went beforehand. In the meantime, I heartily recommend you read this account from my companion on the night.

Anyhow, in between enjoying the rugby and a few 'easy watch' films this weekend, the boy little P was quick to point this out to me today. On further investigation, it looks like it's going viral on the basis that it's batshit crazy.

We talk here, don't we, about the 'church' of public health and its sometimes astonishingly contrived nonsense towards popular consumer products. Well, doesn't this barking religious nut remind you of ideological tobacco control industry fruitcakes and their absurd justifications for plain packaging?

Watch out in the video for the blank-minded smug look on the dafty's face when she thinks she's 'proved' her point. Remind you of every professional tobacco controller that you've ever seen, heard or read about as they peddle their extremist conspiracy theory bullshit, perchance? I'd say so.


Geoff Cliff said...

I swear I heard demonic laughter coming from the can. Yes, ma'am, this is surely the work of Satan, and I think we need to ban all soft drinks since they all look similar, and are obviously designed to attract your children into a life of sin. Have you examined the symbolism of the serpent in the WHO emblem? Scary, deviish stuff!

Mel said...

Does this mean the medical profession is satanic? Two serpents, looking at each other, coiled around a staff... Yep. The WHO (dangerous nut jobs that they are) must be satanic.

nisakiman said...

Heh! Great video! I chuckled out loud!

I actually can't stand those 'energy' drinks, but I think I'm going to have to develop a taste for 'Monster'. :)

With all the supposed symbolism on the packaging, one wonders what the board meetings at 'Monster' must be like. A bit of Satan worship before they start, perhaps? Sacrifice a couple of virgins before they decide on any forthcoming business strategy? Disembowel a goat so they can read its entrails to see how the stock-market will run? My imagination is running riot...

theprog said...

Christianity (and it's huge wealth and power base) wouldn't exist without the devil.