Saturday, 20 December 2014

Link Tank 20/12

As we approach the end of an insulting year ...

"The most successful smoking cessation product any one has as yet invented"

Canada’s new prostitution law explained with Lego

When Russell Brand ruined lunch

Why public health dismisses public opinion

The war on drugs began 100 years ago this week

The old-fashioned snobbery behind anti-Wetherspoons campaigns

Sweden lobbies for an EU-wide ban on TV alcohol advertising

Nick Clegg finally says something a bit liberal

Scrooges rejoice! Beancounters find formula for perfect Xmas party

The 33 craziest new fast foods of 2014 (pic)

"You did find a lot of hok but you also found a lot of krak"


Ian B said...

Regarding the second link (Canada's prostitution law) I predicted a year ago as soon as the old law was struck down as unconstitutional, that this would be used as the opportunity to impose the Nordic Model. Puritans are highly predictable creatures and Canada, like the rest of the Anglosphere, has a particularly bad infestation of them.

Ian B said...

It's also a fine example of why it's very dangerous to poke the Progressive-based State with a stick.

Peter said...

Re Lego, the link's not working. This one's OK :-