Wednesday, 24 December 2014

'Tis The Night Before Christmas And Santa Is Crippled

To continue the theme of seasonal public health miseries, what could be better on Christmas Eve than a message from Santa Claus, eh?

Not the real Santa you understand, kids, but the one those swell, fun-loving public health guys in Mexico have created. You know, the obese kidnapped diabetic Santa Claus who has had a leg amputated due to "the burden of disease and death from the consumption of sugary drinks" and considers the Coca-Cola Company to be "as much of experts in children as paedophiles" (sic).

Well ho ho bloody ho to you too, you mad chimichanga chomper.

When I say we are firmly on the side of the angels here, I'm not kidding you know. Merry Christmas.

H/T Simon "sugar is the new tobacco" Capewell via Twitter


jmshigham said...

Have a Merry Christmas as well, Dick.

Barry Homan said...

Merry Xmas man, ho ho (cough cough) ho, I always read your posts :)

Flaxen Saxon said...

Belated Christmas felitations. May your turkey run out on Boxing day.

Reader said...

But if you agree that a consultation is not a referendum, how can you make any claim about what the majority thinks and would vote for (in this specific "smoking in cars with children" case)? To my understanding, this consultation sought views and evidence that would help guide policy making. It wasn't a vote on policy. From history, if the population really did oppose a specific policy there would be much more opposition across the country rather than approximately 100 responses to a consultation. An assessment of all the impacts were discussed and analysed in the Impact Assessment which was published in the public domain.

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