Wednesday 11 March 2015

"Call Me Janus"

David Cameron 2008:
"The era of big, bossy, state interference, top-down lever pulling is coming to an end."
MPs vote to enforce standardised cigarette packaging
David Cameron's official spokesman said: "The Prime Minister voted in favour of this change. He is pleased that it has gone through."
As leader of the Conservative Party, he's a great advert for UKIP, isn't he?


truckerlyn said...

I met a lady today who was bemoaning the implementation of plain packaging, but she said it would not stop her smoking.

I advised her to do as we do, buy her cigarettes in Europe! After all, they are cheaper and we are legally entitled to do this. Legally we can bring back as many as we want for our own use.

Questions mostly get asked when there are a lot of different brands, so it is best to stick to one or two,

Mark Wadsworth said...

the number of government paid advertisements on television has risen back to the same levels as under Labour pre-2010. In each ad-break, you get at least one govt paid nannying crap advert.

Workplace pensions, stop smoking, change for life, tax credits, broadband britain, employing foreign workers, blah blah blah.

The number of such adverts fell markedly in 2010, 2011 but has gradually picked up again.

SteveW said...

As an advert for feckless, dishonest shithouses he's bloody useless.
I didn't want one in charge before and he just leaves me convinced that I was right to start with.
Spineless vote grabbing (in his head) twat.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It would be interesting to see how it compares with 2009

Jax said...

Yes, Mark, I’ve noticed that over the last couple of months or so and I’m sick to the back teeth with all of them, to the point that I actually switch channels when one comes on (it’s rare that I’m watching anything good enough to endure those ads for).

I wonder whether all those gooey radio ads (and TV ones) with sickly-sweet kiddie voices lispily talking about smoking in cars are being squeezed in whilst there’s still a budget for them, as, once smoking in cars with kids in is banned (as it surely will be if the Government continue with their “roll over and die” attitude in the face of pressure from Tobacco Control), there’ll be no need for them any more. There’s an element of “get in while you still can” about those ones.

Vinny Gracchus said...

It's now time to start the campaign to repeal this unfortunate law and reverse de fact prohibition.

What the.... said...

DP, I would have been a little more economical with the lettering and just settled with anus -

"Call me anus".

Ian B said...

I'm really hoping the local Tory candidate comes to my door to ask for my vote so I can tell him what I think.

Lollylulubes said...

I completely agree with you. They rely on the gullibility and sheer apathy of the majority, whilst they dream up more ways to take our money and public health do the same to government. All the scaremongering, social engineering and crap over smoking and now ecigs has made it into a pc position that must be supported or you're given grief and hounded. To think it all started with a handful of wealthy people who just didn't like smoking. I want to sue the lot of them for all the lies they/ve ever told and the deliberate harm they're doing!