Sunday 1 November 2015

"Against Smokers"

If you've ever wondered how disgusting pieces of shit like this are created, or how human beings are encouraged to spew revolting bile such as this towards fellow law-abiding citizens, you only need to look to the vile tobacco control industry who promote it.

Last week, anti-smoking organisations gathered for the Oceania Tobacco Conference in Perth, Australia. These people, for want of a better description of them - who routinely claim to respect and want to 'help' or 'support' smokers  - had some great ideas like this to impart.

What a wheeze, eh? Humiliating smokers (in a youth support facility in this instance, of all places), and they "Love it!".

It seems these anti-social, tax-spongers don't actually care much for smokers at all. Instead they seem to believe they are now in some kind of war, it's them against us. Quite literally.
The plain packs sporting gruesome pictures are a starting point, according to New Zealand researcher Professor Janet Hoek who was speaking at the Oceania Tobacco Conference 2015 in Perth last week.
This is the same Janet Hoek who wants to see plain packaging for fast food and fizzy drinks, by the way, in case you were wondering.
Her research investigates how to better use cigarette's own packaging against smokers
Against smokers, eh? Not smoking, smokers. Says a lot doesn't it?

She means to do this by way of poo sticks, which I've written about before.
This is a euphemism for suggesting government mandate that - at the same time as turning the outside of packets into a B list gore film - the cigarettes inside should look like bile, sick and shit.

She continues ...
"[W]e are directly linking these unpleasant connotations, feeling of dirt and filth, to this very act of consumption"
Can't you just feel the love and care for smokers in her words? You know, her undying respect for the individual's freedom to consume legal products should they so choose?

If only we had a word for people like Hoek and her pals who use force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others, eh?

It seems there is nothing too extreme for tobacco control industry shitsacks. They're happy to torture mental health patients; to dismantle the precarious status quo in prisons; to destroy businesses; to pervert research for their own ends; as well as perverting democracy in many imaginative ways while using our taxes to do so, and some even go so low as to perpetuate smoking amongst children because they are ideologically opposed to something for no decent reason. As long as they get paid, they don't seem to care what havoc they wreak.

Still, it's good to have it confirmed that many of them are - at heart - exactly the same kind of repulsive crazy as those who they prompt to abuse perfectly decent people in public.

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