Tuesday 17 November 2015

Seven Years Of Deadly Sins

Today is the seventh anniversary of this blog, yes really! Described once early on as "tabloid guff" by a Ben Goldacre fanboy - a badge I have carried with pride ever since - we've tripped the light fantastic and cartwheeled 'cross the floor here since.

By way of a progress report, visits continue to tick up despite content becoming more sparse through pressure of work. Since 2008, there have been 3,157 articles published attracting 25,658 comments at time of writing and 2,808,143 page views according to miserly Sitemeter (Google Analytics reports a more flattering 3,585,000 plus, don't ask me how). Still an increase over an already good year last time out but with ever-decreasing articles, it's almost like homeopathy or something.

This less is more thing will, however, be sorely tested in the coming months because business is taking up more and more of my time. I enjoy recreational writing of an evening but posts here will dramatically reduce from hereon in, I just can't spare the time despite the vast riches quite clearly being lobbed my way by Big Tobacco.

Many thanks to all of the nearly 300,000 souls who have popped by this corner of the internet in the past seven years. In the spirit of Alcohol Awareness Week which began yesterday, I shall tonight be attending a fesity-looking event marking 10 years since mythical "24 hour drinking" was initiated and downing a Peroni or few myself in your honour. Other drinks are, of course, available if you feel like joining in.

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