Tuesday 17 January 2017

"A Big Shift Towards The Idea Of Harm Reduction"

With all the Christmas shenanigans going on, this positive short film (11 minutes-ish) from the Speccie kinda crept under my radar last month, but is definitely worth a watch.

Now, I've been rightly critical of TV Doc Sarah Jarvis before, but she is pretty sound when asked the question "Can businesses help us to be more healthy?", as are Sam Bowman of the ASI (from whom I pinched the blog title) and Chris Snowdon, as you'd expect.

The answer, of course, is yes as anyone familiar with e-cigs should know very well. The interviewer is Max Pemberton, who eagle-eyed readers will remember was a panellist at a health debate chaired by BBC The Daily Politics' Andrew Neil that I attended in February last year.

If you have time to spare, I can recommend viewing it over a cuppa; there is a lot to like (unless you're a business-hating, nanny state prohibitionist, of course).

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