Monday 3 April 2017

All Aboard The Gravy Train

Fancy a glimpse into the tiny, self-proclaimed David v Goliath 'underdog' world of 'public health'?

Up and down the country there are people being paid hefty sums of your taxes to work full-time telling you what you are allowed to consume with your own post-tax cash.

For example:
World Obesity Federation Executive Director 
The Role
We are looking for an outstanding Executive Director to work with our members, trustees and staff to achieve our vision to drive forward global efforts to reduce, prevent and treat obesity. 
Salary: £65,000 to £80,000 depending on experience. 
Minimum years preferred: 
In the Not for Profit sector 5-10 years.
Those who have experience in economy-boosting industry need not apply. Only tax-scrounging parasites are fit for this job.

If that's not your bag, how about ...
Programme Manager
Public Health England 
£50,154 - £61, 976 per annum 
The post holder will provide public health expertise relating to tobacco control, helping to drive forward the delivery of organisational objectives in this rapidly developing field. 
key working relationships 
Department of Health NCSCT Regional Offices for Tobacco control UCL Health Behaviour Research Centre UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies Local Government Association Association of Directors of Public Health Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre Action on Smoking and Health
Up to £61k, not a bad screw is it?

If you're not a hideous anti-smoker, there's always this non-job instead, you might even get to meet Jamie Oliver and playfully tug on his double chin in your professional life.
Senior Scientific Officer (Sugar Reduction) 
£38,207 - £45,769 per annum 
The Diet & Obesity team is seeking to recruit a senior nutrition scientist (SEO), to work within the Dietary Improvement team and take forward the reduction and wider reformulation programme specifically focussed on the nutrients of concern including sugar, calories, salt and saturated fat. 
Circa £40k for ensuring that kids' treats are made smaller? What's not to like?

There are tons of deliciously-remunerated roles here, go have a look and knock yourself out. There's a whole ton of gravy on that train, just waiting for you to tuck into if you have an authoritarian bent and are not afraid of taking money from taxpayers in order to bully them.

Remember this kind of thing when the public sector talks about those "savage cuts", won't you? 

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