Sunday 9 April 2017

Smoke Free North West Just Quit

Last year we heard the joyous news that Smokefree South West had been canned, which was richly deserved I have to say. Now it seems that another bunch of pointless tax-draining nags in the north west will be popping down to their local JobCentre Plus too.

Via Simon Clark:
Healthier Futures, formerly Tobacco Free Futures and before that Smokefree North West, has bitten the dust. 
In the words of Monty Python it has kicked the bucket, it has ceased to be. 
"Rejoice!" as someone once said.
Rejoice indeed!

They can't really complain; they've been living the high life on the public teat for a long time now and their only performance indicators were to make life more difficult and expensive for ordinary people. It's good to see that sense is prevailing and someone has recognised that they are a great big waste of public money.

If this is a trend, let's hope it continues, it's long overdue. There are plenty more savings to be made by cutting snouts in this particular sector of the 'public health' trough.  

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