Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A Sideways Shift for Prejudicial Hatred

Take a good look at the man above. He is one of the new faces of prejudice, bullying and hatred in this country. Forget Nick Griffin of the BNP, he's a dinosaur. This is Chris Spencer-Jones, a Public Health Director in the Midlands. He enjoys removing the comforts of terminally-ill patients to satisfy his own prejudices. As highlighted this week by Leg Iron.

People who are dying at the Sheldon Unit in Northfield, Birmingham, are to be chucked out in the cold because of this 'caring professional', despite there being no need under the Health Act 2006 regulations. You see, they have a smoking room on 'sympathetic grounds', but spiteful, putrid, psychopathic bully Chris doesn't like it. He says,

It doesn’t matter if patients might be terminally ill, ... the practise at the Sheldon Unit is unacceptable.

It's not surprising that Chris is like this. Prejudice and bullying are natural human weaknesses, they have been around since some neanderthal first caved in a prehistoric skull on the basis that he didn't like the way he said "Ug". It's not Chris's fault he is an affront to humanity, he just is, it's in the genes. The surprising, and worrying, part of this is that this odious, conceited monster should somehow be considered more respectable than the leader of the BNP.

For clarification, I'm not saying that Nick Griffin should be respected, rather that Chris Spencer-Jones should be treated with as much contempt as any other bigoted hatemonger ... because that is exactly what he is.

By the way, if you are not averse to a bit of smoker-bashing yourself, don't give up on this as this isn't a solely pro-smoking rant. Read on.

Bullying is something we try to educate out of our kids if we are responsible parents, and quite rightly so. The result of not doing so is groups such as the BNP. Legislation has quite rightly made discrimination and prejudice illegal on the grounds of race, sexuality, religion and sex. There aren't many legal outlets for hatred anymore.

So they have shifted their rancid bigotry into the new, 'sexy', line of righteousness. It's untouchable. They can now be as small-minded, arrogant, vindictive, spiteful, unsympathetic, insulting, condescending, dismissive, contemptuous, and smug about it, as they like. What's more, they can say it loud, proud, and without a chance of being held to account (they will probably command a hefty salary for it too). If you dare to call their bluff, you run the risk of losing your job. The righteous have no such fear. At worst, you'll be made to make a feeble apology.

People like Chris Spencer-Jones choose their initial targets wisely though, as, like a playground bully, they don't like the idea of attacking people who can fight back. Chris chose to take his prejudice out on people who are dying. I'm sure he will get a few high fives from his 'caring profession' colleagues for that, it's an object lesson in picking on the weak. But how about a few other examples from just the past few days.

Via Womble on Tour, we read of the installation of CCTV cameras in a couple's bedroom. Are they a couple who can stand up for themselves and fight against these righteous bastards? Oh no, what a surprise! They aren't, they have learning difficulties.

In the latest case, documented in a report published by the British Institute of Human Rights to mark the tenth anniversary of the Human Rights Act, an unnamed council used CCTV to keep an eye on a mother and father with learning difficulties as their parenting skills were under question.

Notice the 'unnamed' bit? If you get found out being a righteous shit as opposed to a shit of any other persuasion, you get anonymity and there is no chance of prosecution. You've been a bullying low-life but you escape scot-free! No matter how many laws you break. Superb.

If, however, you are caught smoking in a pub, the punishment is instant. You may even lose your job even if it is an innocent mistake. No chance to back off without charge.

The nature of bigotry has irrevocably shifted from the age old prejudices and irrational hatred into a new plethora of targets. Civilisation seemed to have blunted the human condition to hate and subdue for arbitrary reasons, but nasty little fascists like Chris Spencer-Jones have simply found a way round it.

All with the congratulation, encouragement, and financial backing of the Labour Government.

In Rampton Hospital, Nottinghamshire, we have mental hospital patients, 70% of whom smoke, fighting to be able to light up in their own homes. In Chester, if you are mentally-ill and wish to smoke, you are forcibly subdued in the name of righteousness.

The letter, on behalf of patients, reads: “One patient threatened to wreck the ward if she could not have a fag. Management chose to bring in a load of male nurses and threatened to sedate her, to enforce their no-smoking policy, rather than let her smoke.”

As promised earlier, smokers are just a template target to those for whom hate is more important than their respect for fellow humans with differing lifestyle choices than their own. If you are happy with smokers being denied when they pose no possible threat to you personally, you will have to be consistent and agree with making alcohol an illegal substance.

It's been recognised that [alcohol] is the most harmful recreational drug you could use. The risks are very similar to illegal substances. Alcohol and tobacco highjack the same part of the brain [as illegal drugs].

The righteous have only just started. You won't be having that relaxing inexpensive drink for much longer. If you have a kid that isn't approved by the righteous, they will be taken from you.

The sad thing is that the links I've provide are just a small selection of the vast amount that were available. This stuff is overwhelming and incessant.

Nick Griffin's bigotry has been recognised and largely halted. Chris Spencer-Jones's particular brand of disgusting hatred has not only not been recognised as a threat, it is positively encouraged. Even financially bolstered in Alistair Darling's Pre Budget Report. Carry on guys, you're doing a great job!

Take a good look at that face at the top of the page, the man who believes people should die without comfort or dignity. How far are you prepared to allow scum like him to go? Are you going to stand up to the playground bully, or just blithely ignore him as he isn't picking on you ... yet?

If you agree with him, which freedoms are acceptable to be withheld even if they harm you not, and which should be protected? Do you think the righteous will care once you have been earmarked?

The BNP? Amateurs! There's a new breed of hate in town and they hate with Government backing.


vincent1 said...

I am already angry tonight, so I will post a comment tommorow.
This man (Chris) is a disgrace to the Human race.
I am disgusted along with many others how he thinks the elderly and terminally ill should be treated! Who the hell appointed him God? He will have him to answer to, if he believes in him that is.
I find it hard to believe a good would make people this inhumane.

vincent1 said...

Sorry should read God in the last para, it is late and I am angry

AloneMan said...

Great article.

Alcohol is the new smoking. These fascists think they've nearly got smoking licked, so they're turning their attentions to something else. If we give them another ten years alcohol will be in the same position as tobacco is now. And after that, God knows what'll be next.

It's proably not too late for us to do something to save ourselves. Probably.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

As a Libertarian I find the concept of banning things to be troubesome. But two things I would ban are the use of the words "unacceptable" and "offensive" as anything other than descriptors of subjective, personal taste. These fascist monsters use these words to justify policy decisions, for God' sake! Smoking is "unacceptable". To whom?

Who tho hell do these intellectual pygmies think they are to try and warp the world around them according to their personal preferences?

I find this guy a hell of a lot more than "unacceptable." I find him nauseating. I would cheer if he was ritually disembowelled in front of me.

Yet I don't see any effort to remove HIM from MY life.