Sunday, 23 November 2008

Straws Clutched but Elephants Ignored

Womble on Tour leads, Iain Dale follows. (chronologically as I read them, anyway)

Not much more to be said really. The floated VAT cut doesn't realistically help anyone. More vacuous populist nonsense.

From a personal viewpoint, my small business (which still turns over more than the entire nationwide budget that Jacqui Smith affords to the Police to counteract people trafficking, remember that), will simply suffer another hindrance in the short term. Any positives will be swallowed up by the outlay required to adhere to the new rules.

Long term will be advantageous, but what's the point of long-term advantage when looking for a short-term solution to current problems? It won't help create any new jobs and could store up problems for the future according to BBC guru Robert Peston. Someone with experience of Government puts it very succinctly.

Looks like a cheap, knee-jerk attempt at vote-buying from here. Shouldn't we expect more from our Government in a time of crisis?

If they want to buy votes, how about the feel-good factor of leaving us all the fuck alone? It would take a massive leap of faith ... that, and sacking the entire bunch of nannying tossers on the front benches, of course.

We can but dream.

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AloneMan said...

Thanks for the link.

You might be interested in this
which is about the State putting CCTV cameras into a couple's bedroom.

I've posted some thought s on this at my place, but I'm not doing this to spread the word about my blog - I'm doing it because this sort of thing sickens me and we need to fight these people all the way.
I'm going to tell a few other right-thinking bloggers about it too.