Tuesday, 18 November 2008

What a Pair

From the Taking Liberties blog, we read of a couple of disgusting bigots.

Last week my colleague Neil Rafferty took part in a phone-in on BBC Radio Northampton. Subject: Redbridge Council’s decision to ban smokers from fostering. As usual, it was a lively debate. Neil was taken aback, however, when presenter Bob Walmsley compared smokers to alcoholics and stated that smokers are unfit parents.

Odious intestinal tapeworm Walmsley was forced to apologise on air, but didn't feel the need to retract the 'unfit parents' jibe in his apology.

Meanwhile, at the Guardian, rancid waste of DNA Roy Greenslade was spewing out this steaming pile of horseshit.

... Walmsley was quite right and should not have been forced to back down.

There are 12 million smokers in this country, at a guess I'd say around half have kids and possess parenting skills varying from the not-so-good to the downright miraculous. Yet these two retarded chimps arbitrarily dismiss any of that in favour of their psychotic prejudice against smokers.

The Labour Government's crusade to label smokers as sub-human has created a whole slew of filthy hatemongers such as these two ... well done, you front bench maggots.

Coming so soon after the Ross & Brand affair, it's a sign of the sick place that Labour have made this country that Walmsley will escape similar punishment after indiscriminately insulting millions of decent people. As for Greenslade, in a week where we have seen what truly unfit parents can do to a child, his comments show him to be an exceptionally sick-minded individual.

UPDATE: This excellent post from Obnoxio points out another aspect of how community is suffering thanks to Labour's vindictive approach.


Screaming Banshee said...

I am disgusted at Bob Wormsley. I am a full time mother and I smoke, I am a better parent to my daughter than he father who is a non smoker.

What is it with the BBC and the government?

A poor child gets beaten to death by 3 fuckwit wankers who should be put down and should be hung by their balls for even thinking about hurting a child.

But a parent who smokes is unfit?

Dick, you put that the rancid waste of space Roy Greenslade was spewing out steaming piles of horseshit.

What I think you were meant to say was that both Bob Wormsley and Roy Gobshite should be shot at close range, be hung, drawn and quartered before being fed to dogs, only after having their balls removed with a very blunt knife and rammed down their vile throats.

AloneMan said...

There's another implication in what Walmsley said (if he compared smokers to alcoholics) which is that alcoholics are unfit to be parents too. Which ain't necessarily so.

What it's coming down to is that anyone who doesn't conform meekly to the government's precise behavioural mould is not seen as fit to take their place in society.

Who next to be described as "unfit to be parents" ? Men who have used prostitutes ? People who hunt ? People who put their bin out on the wrong day ?

Personally I think totalitarian tossers should be declared "unfit to be parents", then at some point the bastards might die out.

Leg-iron said...

Smokers are unfit to be parents.
Drinkers are unfit to be parents. The overweight are unfit to be parents.
People who don't vote Labour are unfit to be parents.

Conform or you a) can't have children, b) won't get a job, c)won't get credit... insert absolutely anything you like.

Equality is allowed as long as some are more equal than others. Diversity is good as long as we all think and act in exactly the same way. Deviate from the prescribed norms and you'll be punished, and it's quite all right for anyone to call you anything they like, or to harass you any way they please.

The Nazis were among the first to attack smokers. Seems that's just one more thing our government have learned from them. One thing they don't seem to have realised is that the Nazis failed.

And they'll fail again.