Tuesday 30 October 2012

Dalli Prepares To Kiss And Tell?

Witty Euro-ferret Berlaymonster has discovered a new blog which appears to have been created by John Dalli (now into his third week of Euro Twitter trending). For some odd reason, the sole lonely post quotes Pele, seemingly hinting that they share a life of high-achieving struggle. Pfft!
"I've come to accept that the life of a frontrunner is a hard one, that he will suffer more injuries than most men and that many of these injuries will not be accidental."
Maybe it's true that the qualified accountant and C-list politician shares many, many similarities with the three-time world-cup winner, multiple world-record goal scorer, holder of several athlete and player of the century awards, and decorated UN ambassador. 
For the moment, those parallels escape BM, but we look forward to reading all about them on the blog, which remains curiously dormant for now.
Indeed it is dormant, but certainly checks out as being property of Dalli himself, and there is a veiled seething intent which suggests that he is preparing to spill his guts for the world to see.
Please stay tuned for new POSTS coming soon.
Oh joy! The capitalisation of 'posts' offers so much promise.

The blog was created, and that initial post written, on the 24th October. The very same day that President Barroso wrote to him to request a bit of decorum.
... in the light of certain statements and insinuations you have made in relation to the process of preparation of the revised directive on tobacco, I wish to remind you of your obligation, as a former Commissioner, to behave with integrity in accordance with Article 245 TFEU.
Looks like the old muttonhead may not go quietly into the night though, instead perhaps petulantly planning to throw around as much mud as he can lay his hands on.

Let loose, Dalli! Go for it, son! Tell us all how you're being set up by the tobacco industry after having tabled a directive which completely ignored the views of people who responded to the consultation while listening intently to those of the pharmaceutical industry.

For those of us who wish to see EU corruption ruthlessly exposed and also think the directive is deeply-flawed, I make that a no-lose situation. Either Dalli is compromised - which means someone will have to consider the consultation properly - or Barroso's EU is and no-one can ever again trust a word his administration says.

Bring it on, I say.


Jason said...

Dali should be careful in how he goes about exposing any insider information on the issue. EU leadership could as easily take a lesson from very recent US leadership and place Dali in some remote embassy inside hostile territory then sit back and watch said embassy attacked ruthlessly on remote viewing screens at EU headquarters while purposely failing to give any commands to save Dali should the attack get out of hand. Just saying, it might be of that much importance, EU HQ might be very determined in keeping things hush-hush, at whatever cost necessary - since it involves another Anti-Tobacco-Industry scam and scandal of course.

ivandenisovich said...

They need time to work on "the big tobacco framed us" angle. I am not sure who "us" will turn out to be but there is little chance of the truth ever emerging and every chance of more pointless Draconian filth oozing from the unelected and unwanted.