Saturday 6 October 2012

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What!! said...

Some of these e-cig cretins still don’t get it. Here’s a
recent story on an e-cig blog. It has all of the standard antismoking
propaganda, including the “Chapman Trick”.

For those not familiar with the Chapman Trick, see comments
sections of the following:

What!! said...

(A comment from Siegel's blog)

Mik, I’m sure you’ll love this one. There’s a sort of poetic justice in shenanigans coming back to bite one on the gluteus maximus.

I’ve kept an eye on smoking policy aboard cruise ships. Up until only 1-2 years ago, most cruise ships banned smoking only in most indoor public areas, particularly eateries. But then the cruise-line “health officers” got moving, tapped into GlobaLink for the most effective tricks/strategies, with the eradication agenda. Now on most cruise ships, smoking is also banned in state rooms and balconies, with only a few designated outdoor smoking areas.

But the latest deterioration concerns e-gizmos. Now listen up, Mikibronzafolus…… this policy from the Sea Princess……. you’ll just love this:
“The use of electronic cigarettes is permitted in all areas onboard with the exception of dining areas and the Princess Theater. However, should a fellow passenger in the vicinity feel inconvenienced and complain, even after being told the difference between electronic cigarettes and real cigarettes, we will ask the passenger to refrain from smoking the electronic cigarette.”

Don’t worry about all your chemical analyses of e-gizmo vapor, Mike. This is what’s happening “on the ground”. It’s all been put in the hands of the lowest common denominator. You can use the e-gizmo just about anywhere on board. But if anyone complains, even after the e-gizmo is explained to them, you have to put the gadget away like a good little boy/girl.

Why do you think smoking has been banned just about everywhere on board? Because of cranks who think they are being exposed to the equivalent of a bio-weapon like sarin gas. Mik, you helped to create these hysterical misfits with a steady diet of inflammatory propaganda (e.g., Chapman Trick); a steady diet of propaganda preying on their gullibility and proneness to mental disorders such as anxiety reactions, hypochondria, somatization, histrionics, bigotry. You so wanted these fools to be brainwashed to advance the antismoking “cause”. Well, you and your Public Health ilk got what you were after: You brainwashed them real good and proper! They’re terrified and offended by the faintest hint of smoke produced by smoking (or what appears to be smoke produced by what appears to be smoking).

Here’s the bad news, Mikiwagonga. These irrational minds have been made the arbiters of “acceptability”. These brainwashed, sanctimonious galoots are going to be judging your beloved e-gizmos (do you feel the pang of a bite to the posterior region yet, Michael?). Can you see it, Mik…… explaining to these contorted thinkers that e-gizmos are not real cigarettes. They’re irrational, easily terrified, and they’ve been led to believe that they hold moral high ground for what are actually deranged beliefs! The use of e-gizmos has been put into the hands of these Public Health created/endorsed neurotic bigots. Mike, I’ll give you 6….. NO…… 8 guesses as to what they’ll make of e-gizmos (particularly if they have access to the ASH or ANR websites.

[Mikibazonkafol, I’m guessing you won’t be able to sit for a little while]