Tuesday 15 January 2013

As Popular As Measles

You may remember the story about minimum alcohol pricing being extended as a policy to two pubs in Newcastle, as reported here last month.

Well, there's a major fan of punishing the on-trade up there in the north east.
Mr Shevills said: “We welcome the council’s initiative to grant licenses on the condition alcohol is sold at a minimum price to control disorder and improve health. 
“We also look to the Government to set realistic, effective changes."
This is Colin Shevills, who really hates alcohol ... but used to really hate tobacco. Probably still does.
Colin Shevills

A former communications consultant, he has extensive experience working in the field of public health. He previously helped to develop the brand for Fresh, Smoke Free North East and was instrumental in the successful launch of the office.
 Nevertheless, he is a bit of a local hero ... in his own mind.
“We continue to have a great response from the public and our partners since launching our campaign around Government’s consultation on alcohol – in particular our call for a minimum unit on alcohol set no lower than 50p."
There's a response from the north eastern public, all right, though the comments suggest it might be differently described than "great".
Havyasay: Hear we go again.... Mr. so called do gooder, justifying his none job with his face in the paper once more. who pays his wages? probably the tax payer again yeh! 
absent geordie: Lawyers are rubbing their hands and salivating. This whinger will not be paying the lawyers fees of course. 
Banished: Is that whingeing waste of space still getting publicity?
Right up there with pop stars in the adoration stakes, so he is.


George Speller said...

Let's just check who finances Balance, shall we? Cos they don't seem to want to say on their website.

Ivan D said...

"Balance is funded by the North East’s Primary Care Trusts and also receives support from the North East Police Forces"

So essentially, money that could be spent on front line services is instead being diverted to support the no doubt impressive salary of this man.

I find his consistent tendency to try to represent "the children" especially sinister.