Saturday 9 February 2013

E-Cigs: Follow The Money

With a tagline of "when caution can kill", former ASH Director Clive Bates has written another very intelligent - and important - article on e-cigs and the unintelligent EU's disgraceful plan to kill them off.
"E-cigarettes represent an amazing market-based, user-driven public health insurgency. From nowhere to €500m in Europe, the market is growing rapidly and already almost equals the market for NRT, according to the European Commission’s consultants (see chart and Matrix report p21)"
Little wonder, then, that big pharma are doing everything in their power to get them banned.
"Without anyone in the professional public health field doing anything and without spending any public money, smokers have been quitting, switching and cutting down using e-cigarettes."
And that is why the tobacco control industry are also doing their utmost to heavily regulate them or render them ineffective.

It's a simple follow the money exercise. Right there is all you need to know about the e-cigs debate. Remember it whenever you read or hear any of their rotten junk science.

It's never been about health, you know.

Do go read Clive's article in full here.

UPDATE: From the comments. "Cancer Research UK continues its remorseless promotion of cancer by pretending that nothing is known, when in fact we know that none of the toxins present in cigarette smoke is present in vapour in any meaningful concentration."

This is, of course, the CRUK with half a billion income and 30+ individuals pulling in a yearly salary of over £100k. I do believe they have some links with pharmaceutical companies. Just saying.


Tony Hand said...

Not just big pharma got them in their sights it seems.

I have a mate that works for a public relations firm that have just been contracted by Phillip Morris to dig up and disseminate any and all reports/studies that damn the reputation of e-cigs. So look out for a big campaign against them hitting the msm sometime soon.


nisakiman said...

That's a rather worrying, if not surprising development. As they say, with friends like that, who needs enemies...

Mag01 said...


It just doesn’t stop (particularly under this current
Labor/Greens government).

Government could control taste of cigarettes, raise taxes in battle against

And right there, slap bang in the middle of the article, is
the Chapman Trick. For those not familiar with the trick, see comments by “magnetic01” at:

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I'd love to hear more of this if you have it, BHJ.

Last I heard from America, Philip Morris were delving into the e-cig market and Marlboro brands were being mooted. Though that could have been small supplier alarmism, I suppose.

It has to be said, though, that even if true they'll be hard pushed to object to e-cigs as much as a pharma company can. It's not like Philip Morris have many friends these days. Sticking to a strict business line of tobacco or nothing would be incomprehensibly inept of them.

Mag01 said...

Australia is an excellent example of how utterly dominated a government health
bureaucracy can become by zealots and vested financial interests (e.g.,
Gigantic Pharma). The fanatics/zealots/extremists in Australia
(e.g., Crapman, the Daubster) must have regular belly laughs at how all too
easy it’s been to bamboozle politicians/media/public into antismoking
conformity, particularly this current lot of Labor/Greens politicians.

Mag01 said...


“…… particularly this current lot of Labor/Greens politicians.”

should read

“…..particularly this current lot of half-wit Labor/Greens politicians.”

Mag01 said...

It seems as though Disqus has "purged" one of my comments :)

Junican said...

The use of ecigs to deliver nicotine requires the production of tobacco plants. Tobacco Control want to destroy the tobacco plant, except when controlled by Big Pharm and the WHO. The ecig is manufactured by a plethora of small companies which means that cured tobacco leaves are available to anyone as an agricultural product which does not attract duty.

Expect the onslaught of propaganda to produce not the control of ecigs but the control of the tobacco leaf, and thus the control of the substance nicotine.

And yet everyone knows that nicotine, in itself, is not carcinogenic.

What a strange world we live in!

In the end, Tobacco Control will come full circle and claim that nicotine, when produced by Big Pharm, is a wonderful medicine! Studies and Surveys will prove it.

DP said...

Dear Mr Puddlecote

In 1971 I was staying with an American orthopaedic surgeon and his family in Los
Angeles. Two of the comments on the medical profession he made were:

They would never find a cure for cancer, because there was too much money to
be made looking for one.

90% of medical research was rubbish.


nisakiman said...

Sounds like your orthopaedic surgeon had the measure of it.

Tony Hand said...

I only had a brief chat with my mate, but he is not the type to bullshit. Don't know when I'll see him next but will try and dig a bit more. To be honest, it doesn't surprise me in the least as I've long held the belief that the big tobacco companies are no friend to their customers.


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