Saturday 27 July 2013

Link Tank 27/07

The world ... trying to be serious.

Illiberalism’s spitting image

Anti-smoking advocates have misused science

Porn block MP "doesn’t understand the difference between a hyperlink and a screenshot"

On Lynton Crosby, Labour has been fooled by its own red herring

The mission creep of porn filters

McDonald's introduces home delivery in Dubai

US plastic bag ban leads to nationwide increases in shoplifting

Canadian fined $5,000 for drinking eight beers then swimming to Detroit

Drunk German inventors caught driving a BMW ... swimming pool

Mice with memories of things that never happened


moonrakin said...

heh... love the plastic bag thing - the law of unintended consequences in practice :-)

Tom said...

Time Magazine, left-wing-progressive and mainstream media, printing an article, claiming second-hand-smoke harm is a fraud. Fraud. Really, they printed that. Wonder how long this article will be "disappeared" or retracted. Gee, maybe the smoke-haters' and pharmaceuticals' advertising budgets have been cut and they're not spending enough to garner editorial support of the SHS Fraud and consequential bans, as they have in the past.