Wednesday 24 September 2014

Extremist Complains About Lack Of Extremism

You really couldn't make this up.

Ruth Malone is a seriously committed anti-smoker from the same lunatic Californian University which pays an aircraft engineer to spout his dinosaur prejudices. In fact, scratch that, she's an anti-nicotine fanatic who believes that using an e-cig outdoors is the same as carrying a loaded weapon in public.

Now, I jokingly said on Twitter on Monday that the tobacco control industry would be appalled that ISIS has drawn back their extremism a tiny tad by relaxing their totalitarian ban on smoking.

Fast forward 24 hours and the joke became reality.

Forget beheadings of innocents, genocide of non-Muslim populations, female genital mutilation and a scant disregard for human rights - this woman is irritated that the extremists have allowed an incredibly oppressed community the tiny freedom of being able to smoke!

I thought it crass, ignorant and insulting that the WHO is holding its latest assault on scientific rigour and free choice in Putin's Moscow while the rest of the world is still discussing passenger planes being shot out of the sky and gays allegedly being deprived of rights, but it all makes sense now. It's a perfect choice of venue for a bunch of appalling mendacious narcissists who have long since discarded objectivity and common decency.

Yes, Ruth, in an environment where civilisation has broken down around you and life expectancy depends on how long you can avoid pissing off some unhinged religious fundamentalist carrying an AK47, a cigarette most definitely is a symbol of freedom. First world problems, much?

I don't call the hideous tobacco control movement a bunch of extremists for nothing, you know. Good fucking grief!


RobC(UK) said...

Maybe the IS crucifiction of a 12 year old boy for breaking ramadan could be used to promote their anti obesity campaign.

Tom said...

If you research Ruth Malone's background, working with Stanton Glantz's help at UCSF, several years back, she "researched" (copy/pasted a load of rubbish opinion based "facts") a document resulting in the conclusion that the US Military must ban all tobacco sales on military bases and crack down on all smoking, banning it among all military personnel. And for that, she was flown to some exotic over-seas location where there was a special anti-smoking industry meeting that gave her a very special international award of acclaim for her "brilliant research" project. She is that Ruth Malone, under Glantz's directions, who worked to have US Military deprived of tobacco next (which technically is in violation of the Geneva Convention signed by US and other countries, specifically stipulating that there shall be no deprivation of tobacco from military personnel, that it is cruel an unusual punishment, in the case of POWs as well as military under stress, regardless). Ruth doesn't care. She's a big prize winner now, international claim and fame among the anti-smoker hate-industry set that plots and rules with an iron fist out of UCSF in San Francisco and other demented one-world anti-smoking industry capital cities situated throughout the world.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I'd be amazed if entrenched EU-loving statist tobacco control execs used that to defend their choice of Moscow as a venue, would be a delight if they did though. ;)

truckerlyn said...

Can't she be offered to IS in place of a hostage? That way they can at least do us the favour of getting rid of her!

We could then follow up with rest of her ilk.

Norbert Zillatron said...

Well, we could also them all to quit by tightly regulating crap talk and science abuse. An extortion tax on that will help them quit, too. And plain packaging: Cheap hospital gowns would be perfect. To complete the picture: "Joker" makeup.