Saturday, 27 September 2014

Link Tank 27/09

Only 170 days till the new cricket season.

Why your kids must watch ‘South Park’

Why eating fast food is completely natural

"To students everywhere: drink, shag, read, argue and debate to your heart’s content"

How US drug laws destroyed the McDonald's coffee stirring spoon (pic)

Labour Party Conference: "It's The Book of Mormon all over again"

Arizona law makes bathtub baby photos a crime

13 year old student shares lunch, gets detention

Bruges plans an underground beer pipeline

Sex etiquette from the roaring 20s

KFC unveils the fried chicken iPhone case

1 comment:

Tony said...

Love the fist link, Southpark is truly brilliant, the "Butt Out" episode is amazing with the anti-smoking singing clowns and the effect they create is absolutely spot-on! Full episode here: :-) (just close the pop-up pages down it plays fine on the original page.)