Wednesday 4 February 2009

Beg Pardon?

There are times when it's difficult not to be rendered totally speechless by an example of superlative idiocy. Today featured one of those times.

Alongside this Comrade Beeb article, detailing how incredible cockmonger Dr Alan Maryon Davis believes we all need a lot more nannying by the state, was a recording of his Today interview with John Humphrys.

Just before he launched into an extensive rundown of what he would like to see banned, he came out with this gem,

"I'm a Libertarian by nature"

Splutter! Did I hear that correctly? Hmmm, let's examine the evidence.

"Is the government 'nannying' us too much? Is it trying too hard to micro-manage our health?

I say firmly - no."

and ...

"I see an increasing acceptance that we, all of us, need not only more information and guidance from government, but also more legislation to save us from ourselves."

then ...

"We need to press for more legislation to improve and protect health and well-being.

We need a big stick to curb the worst excesses of the various commercial interests who shape our lifestyle. We've been largely successful with the tobacco industry, and now it's time to shift the focus onto alcohol and junk-food."

followed by ...

"What next? I would like to see a ban on smoking in cars with a child on board and a ban on displays of cigarettes in shops. I would like to see a real hike in tax on alcohol and a ban on deep price-cuts for booze. I would like to see a wider ban on junk-food adverts around TV programmes watched largely by children.

I would like to see a whole raft of other legislation for health."

Oh. I see what you mean now. You're a raving Libertarian and no mistake. I'm sure LPUK are Fedex-ing an application form to you as I write.

What an insufferably righteous helmet. And as Douglas Carswell points out, one that is paid for out of our taxes.

Hell's teeth!

UPDATE: As mentioned briefly at the Kitchen, he speaks for yet another fake charity.


The Filthy Engineer said...

If he's a Libertarian, then I belong to the Monster raving loonie party!

timbone said...

The one comment which gets trotted out on a regular basis, is never challenged by the recipient, and gauls me more than any other, is this one,
"And to my mind the really shining example of how far the public have come in accepting laws to help protect us from self-harm is the huge support for smoke-free public spaces and workplaces throughout the UK."
Why? Because before July 1st 2007, most indoor spaces which were frequented by the general public, with the exception of most pubs and clubs, had been non smoking for years, decades, even fuckin centuries (churches). "huge support"?, of course, with the risk os a £50 personal fine and £2500 for the landlord!

Sue said...

I would love to comment on what I think of this righteous prat but you might have to delete it due to its pornographic content!

timbone said...

awww come on Sue, I am sure Dick is not a serial deleter...

Anonymous said...

I tried to post this on the BBC website, but they didn't publish it.

Dr Alan Maryon-Davis and his ilk have spread like an insidious virus throughout this once green and pleasant land over the last three decades or so. It is their sole intention along with politicians to control every aspect of our lives…whether we wish for it or not. They believe that they, and they alone, have the right to tell us what is good for us.

Take the smoking ban for example. No genuine public consultation ever occurred, only a public sector consultation took place…in other words the government-funded agencies that were consulted, only gave answers in support of government policies on smoking.

The smoking ban was supposedly to protect us from SHS (second hand smoke). Well, why don’t we examine that?

Patricia Hewitt MP said this:
"This legislation will help to prevent the unnecessary deaths caused every year from second-hand smoke, and recognises that there is absolutely no safe level of exposure."

I have asked these questions many times of ASH, The British Heart Foundation, UK Cancer Research, Freedom Of Information, and the DOH (Department Of Health).

Not one of them supplied answers.

1. How many people died last year of so called SHS, how are these figures recorded, and how can they be verified?
2. Can you supply autopsy evidence of anyone ever dying of SHS?
3. How does SHS manifest itself in the human body, whereby it’s readily identifiable as an irrefutable cause of death?
4. Can you name a pathologist, who at anytime, anywhere in the world, has carried out an autopsy, and declared this person has died of SHS?
5. If smoking causes cancer, then why do many long-term smokers live into very old age?
6. What is meant by ‘no safe level of exposure’, since we take in higher levels of these same chemicals from other sources?

Now then Doc, you health guru you! I’m happy for you to ‘nanny’ me out of existence providing you take up my offer.

Would you, and a team of experts of your own choosing be prepared to take part in a programme on the BBC, which would be based on a courtroom style format, where witnesses would be cross-examined, including yourself of course, and then allow the jury & judge decide where the truth lies about SHS (second hand smoke)…after all – what have you got to lose?

I will be only too happy to supply my contact details through the BBC website, when you’re ready.

I don’t think I need to hold my breath…what do you think Doc…are you prepared to back your words?

PS I keep having to establish a google account, my password keeps coming up as incorrect.

timbone said...

Chris. I also sent the comment above to the BBC website, I don't know why, because I kinda knew it would not appear.

May I complement you on that clear, consise set of questions. I too have sent polite correspondence, with genuine questions to various bodies, including ASH, DoH and an NHS smoking cessation centre in Northamptonshire. I did get a reply from ASH, telling me that Amanda Sandford had deleted my email unread, strange, considering I did not send it to Amanda Sandford. The DoH kept sending me to different departments, and I eventually was referred to the usual documents which tell you nothing. The NHS lot in Northampton did something similar, although they used two words which make me fume, Roy Castle!

Anonymous said...

Of course Roy Castle famously sang: "Dedication, dedication, dedication, that's what you need!", when what he really needed was radiation for his medication!