Wednesday 19 January 2011

A Charity You Can Trust

How refreshing is this?

Leonard Cheshire Disability appoints tobacco company as corporate partner

The disability charity Leonard Cheshire Disability has appointed Japan Tobacco International, one of the world's largest tobacco manufacturers, as a corporate partner and has accepted a substantial donation from the firm.

The company, the international arm of the world's third largest tobacco manufacturer, Japan Tobacco, has entered a five-year partnership agreement with the charity, according to Leonard Cheshire's annual report. Under the agreement, JTI, which owns brands including Silk Cut, Benson & Hedges and Camel, will fund an IT programme run by the charity.

A spokesman for Leonard Cheshire Disability said JTI's support would enable thousands of disabled adults to have access to specially adapted computers and would allow about 600 disabled adults to use computers in their own homes.

A source close to the charity, who asked not to be named, said JTI had agreed to donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to the charity.
Note very carefully the priorities being exhibited here. Incredibly, this is a charity which understands that its role is solely to cater for those who rely on its fund-raising, and certainly not to dilute that aim by pandering to politically-correct hectoring or self-defeating dogma.

More than we can say for many a large charity these days, eh?

But then, I suppose it's what one should expect from a trust set up to celebrate the legacy of our 31st Greatest Briton, a war hero who fought for our freedoms against tyranny.

I'm sure there are many who are already withdrawing their support in disgust at the charity's distasteful determination to serve 21,000 disabled people as best that they possibly can.

Me? I'll be bunging them a few quid for their charitable integrity. If you feel the same, you could try one of the methods suggested here.


Mark Wadsworth said...


Wasn't there a story a couple of years that this charity was going to be renamed something totally stupid?

At least that didn't happen (unless they changed it and changed it back again or something).

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that someone will come up with the phrase, "Sends the wrong message". But maybe even the zealots will have enough gumption to realise that they are on a hiding to nothing if they object. They will keep shtum and say nothing - these people are stupid, but not that stupid!