Thursday 26 July 2012

London 2012: An Anthem

On the eve of the glorious London 2012 OlympicsTM©, so kindly given to us for nine billion of our tax pounds by our benevolent government, here is an anthem with which to greet the world as they converge on our fair nation.

I present The Beer Olympics, a thing of beauty crafted by The Lancashire Hotpots for the cost of go faster stripes on a Ford Focus and a slap up breakfast at Fat Boys' caff.

From the album A Hard Day's Pint featuring other classic tracks including Lets's Get Leathered, The Barmaid's Baps, and The Girl From Bargain Booze.

Righteous Advisory Warning: Not safe for those of a joy-challenged disposition.

H/T That there red-topped Nat

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NickM said...

That is utterly brilliant.