Sunday 29 July 2012

More Fun With Debs

I know it's a bit too easy to shoot down - yet again - Deborah Arnott's laughable claims in defence of plain packaging, but Sunday is known as a day for not working hard. So let's have even more fun with her piss poor attempt at advocacy from February.
"[...] The “domino theory” i.e. that once a measure has been applied to tobacco it will be applied to other products is patently false. The same argument was used against the ban on tobacco advertising, but 9 years after the tobacco ban in the UK, alcohol advertising is still permitted with no sign of it being prohibited."
It's not been difficult, since then, to find a glut of examples proving her to be disastrously deluded with regard to alcohol.

She's also hilariously wrong when it comes to food, fizzy drinks and chocolate though.
Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Cadbury’s are being given an “unrivalled platform” to promote unhealthy brands and products at the Olympics, says a new study.

According to its authors the Children’s Food Campaign, the junk food companies have been given a global platform by London 2012 despite contributing only around 2 per cent of the International Olympic Association’s income.

The campaigners called for a ban on junk food brands from sponsoring future sporting events.
After all, it's all written in the public health holy scriptures tobacco control template. How can one of the sect's High Priestesses forget that, eh?


Edgar said...

Anagram of Deborah Arnott - Abhorrent Toad.

Tom said...

So who then pray tell will be "permitted" to sponsor at sporting events in the future - will it only be pharmaceuticals and health-department approved feel-good propaganda the only remaining sponsors "permitted". Not very free market, the way things are moving.

Mag01 said...

Some may be interested in the latest antismoking shenanigans.
See comments re: Park Nicollet Health Services at


P JH said...

"...Children’s Food Campaign..."

Another fake charity. Accounts for year ended 2011 (printed page 36, pdf page 38) show that of their £2.1M income, at least £0.64M was from either government directly, or
government funded organisations. This number rises to at least £1.3M if
funds from national lotteries are included