Wednesday 17 August 2016

ASH Scotland Update: E-Cigs Still Banned Outdoors

In June last year I wrote about a daft and unnecessary outdoor ban on smoking and vaping at Guy's and St Thomas' hospitals in London which was endorsed by ASH on Twitter.

As I commented at the time ...
Yes, that's the 'vaper's friend', ASH, gleefully telling the world about how vapers are to be told to get orff the land they have paid taxes to build, maintain and run, by people whose salaries they fund. Along with the smokers who have already been deemed sub-human by repulsive ASH-driven policies. 
Still, I'm sure the 'vaper's friend' will be behind the scenes working hard to get this ban lifted. Won't they? Well actually, no.
Even though I say so myself, it appears that was rather prescient of me. You see, ASH Scotland gave us something of an update to the story in their daily bulletin yesterday.

Not only has that ignorant and contrived totalitarian ban not been lifted (for reasons we are well aware of), but as from September it will be extended to a nearby university too.
King's College London will ban smoking on its Guy's Campus at London Bridge from Monday 5 September, bringing the college into line with neighbouring Guy's Hospital. 
E-cigarettes will be permitted outdoors on land owned by King's College London but will continue to be banned on the hospital site.
So that's all right then, eh?

Only last month, Public Health England's guidance on e-cig use in public places advised that vaping "should not routinely be included in the requirements of an organisation’s smokefree policy", and the Royal College of Physicians urged that e-cig use be encouraged.

It appears that Guy's and St Thomas' are ignoring that advice completely despite the {cough} vociferous lobbying from the vaper's friends at ASH (their policy hasn't changed since June, I checked), while King's College has taken it to mean that e-cigs should still absolutely be banned, just not in as many places.

Remember when they used to pretend it was all about the harm of secondhand smoke to bystanders?

I could have sworn that I read somewhere that ASH & ASH Scotland were "supportive" of e-cigs. Presumably that means 'support' as in the support a noose gives to a dying person's neck.

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