Monday, 29 August 2016

Decent People

Think what you like about Nigel Farage, but last week he lobbed a glorious word grenade into the US Presidential debate.
"Anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment"
Now, I really haven't had time recently to analyse the US political scene (you may have noticed it's been quiet here) so this isn't a post about the rights or wrongs of the Trump campaign, more how perfect that sound bite is when applied to politics in general, and especially what we speak about here.

If you're a regular reader you'll know that I often describe we who reject 'public health' nanny statism as being on the side of the angels. And I do so without apology, because it's true.

You see, 'decent people' like to buy products which they feel are best for them and their families; 'decent people' do not smugly sneer at what other people choose and demand laws to prohibit those choices; 'decent people' respect that if they are not affected by the choices of others then they should keep their noses out.

'Decent people', for example, don't squeal for taxes on Coca-Cola because they don't like seeing other people's kids drinking it; 'decent people' don't agree with constant bullying of smokers for no other reason than there is no-one else they can legally hate; 'decent people' don't whine about bans and restrictions on McDonald's because they, personally, are too cultured (in their own minds) or sophisticated to eat there; 'decent people' don't shriek that e-cigs should be banned in public because they're annoyed that smokers are wriggling out of the vile treatment that has been planned for them; and 'decent people' never, ever, connivingly describe other people's children as "our children".

No. It is INdecent people who do that.

They are fed by a network of not just indecent people - but actively repulsive people - who earn a lucrative living out of feeding indecent people's fears and bigotry by way of distorted facts, junk science and baseless smears.

Indecent people work for organisations like ASH Wales which "fully welcome" vaping bans in outdoor areas for no reason whatsoever; indecent people falsify science in an attempt to demonise alcoholic drinks which people enjoy; indecent people demand politicians ban Frosties; indecent people generally grumble and obsess about what families other than theirs like to indulge in, simply because they falsely believe they are superior.

Indecent people cause misery; encourage the intolerant in society; create division and hatred; and do so for money. As I've said many times before, they deserve to be in prison.

Unfortunately, the indecent people seem to be the establishment in recent years, so although Farage's words were meant to refer to the EU - and in that they are spot on - they also work very well with regard to our freedom of choice.

I have cautious hopes that Theresa May might have tapped into this, perhaps because of the Brexit vote but also perhaps because the interference in our private choices is beginning to be noticed. There is very exciting talk of the TPD being scrapped, and from a good source too. Under her Premiership the health nazis have also gone garrity about the obesity strategy ignoring insane and pointless nanny state industry bollocks. So you never know.

It must really grip bien pensant shit to hear Farage talking about dissenters to the carefully-constructed elitist normality being described as "decent people". But we are. We are also far more numerous than the tiny minority of thoroughly indecent and odious people who think they are better than us and seek to dictate the way we live our lives purely on that basis. And we are sure as shit more decent than those who earn money out of encouraging the indecent amongst us to be even more repellent than they naturally are.

Nicely put, Nigel, nicely put.


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