Tuesday 30 June 2009


Via The Lords Blog, comes an internet joke from the peerage.

Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate: My Lords, is my noble friend aware that, as a person over 60, I am continually bombarded with spam emails? They are always the same and are usually about penile extensions, Viagra or inkjet cartridges. Do I look like a man who requires inkjet cartridges?

Ho, ho, ho.

This is the same Lord MacKenzie who has fair pissed off the righteous in the past.

Lord Mackenzie, a former chief superintendent who advises the Home Office on law and order issues, claimed he had been out of the country at the time and had not been driving the car.

The decision infuriated road safety campaigners

Amy Aeron-Thomas, director of Roadpeace, said: 'It might not have involved a gun or a knife, but at 45mph, Lord Mackenzie's car would have killed any pedestrian in its path.'

Except that it didn't, of course.

And he is also the same Lord MacKenzie who, after being linked with a prostitute in 2003, let his hormones get the better of him again soon after.

Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate walked out on his childhood sweetheart Jean and now lives with Debbie Glaister – described by his estranged wife as ‘a stick-thin Barbie-doll lookalike’.

Good Lord!


Michael McManus UKIP said...

"They are always the same and are usually about penile extensions, Viagra or inkjet cartridges. Do I look like a man who requires inkjet cartridges?"

Classic line!

Captain Ranty said...


She looks kinda chunky to me...

Anonymous said...

Dick, I wonder if Lord Mackenzie is from the north...because if he is then we have something in common.

You see, last week I was standing tall and proud as a Northern Nordic Nob. Not all Northern Nordic Nobs stand tall and proud…some just stand tall…and others just stand proud. But I stood tall and proud. There are times when I’m in the North as a Nordic Nob just standing, neither tall nor proud.

These times are very special to me, since Nordically speaking, it isn’t easy to be in the North standing, let alone standing tall and proud.

However this week I’ve been seen standing Nordically as a Nob tall and proud in the North…although there will be times when standing as a Nob, in a Nordic way, may not be in the North…and nor does any of this standing have to be tall, let alone tall and proud. But if you see me in the North, Nordically standing tall and proud, or proud and tall…then I may just be a Nob! OK?

Now let’s recap…standing in the North tall and proud…

JESUS CHRIST…just shut the fuck up! Who cares how you stood in the fucking North…just stop this shite filled drivel!!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Ranty: My type.

Chris: I worry about you. ;-)